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June 27, 2013

Eve Online Market Watch: 2013 Q2 Report

A quick look at key indicators shows general market sentiments over the past three months during quarter 2. First and most notable PLEX markets continue there up and down trends. While falling for most of the first half of the quarter due to CCP's original PLEX Intervention back at the end of 2012 as the Odyssey patch neared PLEX prices began to rise. Nearly one month after the expansion PLEX prices have begun to level off and are trending towards the 500 million mark. Several factors that should be taken into consideration on the PLEX market at current is the change to allow duel character training on one account using PLEX and also the fact that the PLEX market is in fact regulated by CCP.

Mineral prices have continued to drop despit the recent patch. I don't know if everyone was busy buying up ice or not but mineral prices across the board have seen a downward trend. Any indicators of ISK inflation seem contary to the lower prices of minerals. In my opinion, watching some ship prices stay the same or even rise as the mineral costs lower shows that traders and manufacturers are the ones profiting while buyers are complaining that their isk is under valued and supposedly inflated.

The economy is shifting rapidly currently and I feel this is a good change. Moon changes are having huge economical and manufacturing impacts. With less Ice mining to be had the general stentment on the forums seems to be more players mining asteroids. Which may account for the current drop in mineral prices.

I have also noticed a subtle drop in manufacturing or at least trade in the markets I actively trade in, namely T1 ships, T1 modules and implants. Are people busy building and trading other things? Out exploring with the new changes in Odyssey? My thought was a lot of trade and manufacturing alts have gone silent as players are busy fighting the conflict in Fountain.

My Quarter 2 Investment Report:
On to my own investments, at the start of the quarter I shifted all my assets out of manufacturing and into implants. I kept them there for about a month earning around a 10% return on investment. At the start of May I had reached my goal of 2 billion isk and began Operation: Obelisk. With nearly all my assets going toward the project my play time slowed down and not much happened in the way of trade. Things picked up again as I finished my Obelisk right as the Odyssey patch was released. In anticipation of having a dedicated hauler I had been researching and preparing BPOs for the past four months mostly in T1 ships. With my production lines all coming up to full out put and having my own freighter to move the minerals and finished goods I have been able to make almost 60% return on investment for several ship lines and 20% on all others.

I started out about five months ago looking for a way to start building ships. I spent hours running numbers and I just couldn't figure out how people were building ships and making any profit. Well after some careful planning, including months of skill training, over 10 billion in items traded. and very selective ship choices I can say I am building T1 ships and taking home a profit.

In other investments, I have built up a pretty strong PI production system. I have 10 planets on two characters running twenty four seven. With my initial set up using my same intermediate PI guide as a template. I have been making around 30 to 40 million a planet per month. I am in the initial testing stages of setting up a new PI system that will double the isk output from the old one. Using the same skills and with a bit more initial investment required hopefully I will have a full write up of that when I am done.

While I am planning to take a break over July from Eve, I am planning on taking profits from my manufacturing lines to invest in both new BPO research for bigger projects in the coming months and then also invest in the implant market which sees continued strong trading.

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June 13, 2013

6 Months of Eve Simplified

I am really excited as I have been posting here at Eve Simplified for over six months now. I started out this blog with the hope of organizing my own Eve Online play time. To find a way to research and play with in-game ideas and then post them here for everyone else to read. I hope that some of you may have benefited from the guides and other posts I have put together.

I am planning on keeping up Eve Simplified well into the future. I have slowed down with the posting in the past several months but I am currently aiming for one post a week and going from there. Below is a list of some of the ideas I would like write and post about sometime in the near future.

Dropbox Links
I have been gathering a large amount of spreadsheets and creating a few of my own. I should be able to start hosting those to you through Dropbox Links.

More New Player Guides
The Starting Tutorial Mission Guide was just a beta run on what I hope to put together with all the career agent tutorial missions. Along with other explanations on the different UI and Menu systems in Eve that can be quite hard to navigate if your unfamiliar with them.

Continued Market and Manufacturing Updates
In-game I have a manufacturing and trading character. So continued market and manufacturing updates with Eve as whole and with projects and jobs that I am working on.

June 7, 2013


My second ship down. I have been subscribed in game for about 8 months now. I lost my second ship yesterday. I was out making my rounds picking up my PI goods from customs offices in this little pepsi can of ship, the Badger . Most of my PI operations are out in low sec. I was warping to the customs office in orbit around the planet when someone knocked on my back door.  I took off to go see who it was and came back a couple minutes later.

Some guy in a frigate was just closing in and locking me up as I sat down. I attempted to warp to a gate but he flipped on a scram. I didn't feel like waiting around for his little lasers to pop my big floating brick of a cargo ship so I ejected and headed for the gate in capsule.

Not a big deal really, kind of fun actually. Its been forever out in low sec that anyone has taken their time to track me down and shoot at me. Both the ships I have lost to other players have been in that same system. The first time I lost a ship I had just trained up my retriever skills last year. I wanted to see what low sec ores I could bring in. I was fighting rats on the belt and mining when I went pop.

June 4, 2013

Odyssey: In Review

At first look tons of sweet changes, lots of new things to play with and try out. First things first, there are a ton of bugs specifically skills that are not showing up right. I think if you just be patient and send a ticket in so they know you have a problem everyone's skills will get sorted out if not today in a couple of days. We all know we trained like crazy to take advantage of the changes whats a couple more days wait.

The most important thing to know: To disable the camera auto tracking thing press "C" It will stop the constant swinging motion I about feel off my chair after I logged in.

Right now I am really into the fact that all the blueprints have color. I do a lot of building and it is much more interesting looking at my huge stack of blueprints with color than the old hazy blue style. Thumbs up on that unexpected but classy change.

All changes aside the one thing you can not ignore is the jump gate affect. I would say it is the most visible and strong reminder that this is an ever changing universe. With that said a lot of the other features I really don't interact with. I haven't done exploration since I started playing. I have never gone ice mining and don't own a POS. Some of the ship changes are interesting. As I stated in my Eve Odyssey Prepare and Speculate post the only thing that really affected my game play was the ship skill changes and the clone cost reduction.

Maybe its time I go try out the hacking mini game? Or just stick to playing the market "mini" game all the stops and starts on there are reacted to and changed by real people not the computer and I make a lot of isk doing it.

Note: I should note this is the first major "patch" I have played through.

For known issues check out the EVE Online: Odyssey Issues.

Oh and if you didn't see they released the Odyssey Trailer:

Also the In development: Dev Video for Odyssey: