February 6, 2013

Investment Guide: Basic Planetary Interaction

Basic Planetary Interaction
Intermediate Planetary Interaction
Youtube Basic PI Guide

The Goal: You have a few million isk laying around. Instead of letting it sit in your wallet why not have it making money for you. The below skills will allow you to start a modest Planetary Interaction(PI) system without breaking the bank or your skill que. But will start paying you back in the long run. PI does have a slow pay back so don't invest if you need the cash on hand soon.

The Skills:

Your industrial ship skill will allow you the cargo space to carry a command center, needed to begin on a planet. A command center takes 1000 m3 of cargo space to carry.

Remote Sensing - gives you the skill to scan planets from the comfort of your home space station. The ability to gather and analyze remote sensing data from satellites in orbit around a planet and produce properly calibrated surveys.

Level 1: allows scans within 1 ly
Level 2: allows scans within 3 ly
Level 3: allows scans within 5 ly
Level 4: allows scans within 7 ly (Roughly 8 to 9 jumps away)
Level 5: allows scans within 9 ly

Interplanetary Consolidation - For each level in this skill, you may install a command center on one additional planet, to a maximum of 6 planets. You can have only one command center per planet. Cannot be trained on Trial Accounts.

Command Center Upgrades - Each level in this skill improves the quality of command facility available to you, in turn allowing for a greater number of connected facilities on that planet. Cannot be trained on Trial Accounts.

The Equipment:

Service Fees:
Variable Launch Fees based on amount of goods being transferred off planet.
Customs Fees in High Sec are 10% for all customs offices. With the Rubicon expansion this will change as you can train a skill that will lower the NPC Custom Fee's to 5%(at level 5) plus player tax if the Customs Office is operated by a player.

Total Costs:
5,631,000 isk (rough estimate) before Customs Fees and Launch Fees. The outline above will give you 3 planets and several command center upgrades to start a modest PI production system.

Time Required:
You can reset production to run for 30 minutes or a week. Depending on your schedule. If you keep your planets close to your home station it will only take a few minutes to fly out to the systems where your planets are to gather your goods.

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