February 20, 2013

Character Creation Walk Through

For those of you who are curious as to what creating a character entails and have not yet played the game I have put together a few screen shots for you to review the character creation process. Also you can check out a video of the whole character creation process.

1. Choose your Race

Race will affect: Your starting area in-game. The general area in space you start at, for example, if you choose Amarr You will start in Amarr space. Two token skills, racial frigates, and a small weapon skill. You can train any racial ship skills of another race at any time later. Each race has one of three ethnic bloodlines you may choose from.

2. Choose your Bloodline

Bloodline will affect: What you generally look like before you start editing your physical character.

3. Customize

After completing the character creation process you can only change the appearance of your hair, scars and tattoos. You can change the character profile picture at any station for no cost. To Resculpt your character will cost one PLEX or roughly $20 dollars.

4. Choose your Identity

Ancestry will affect: What your little bio says in-game. Education will affect:What starting system you will be directed towards in the in-game tutorial.

5. Take your Portrait

Always blinking for the camera.
Everyone will see your portrait in game so make it fun. That is a quick look at the menus and choices for creating a character.

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