February 13, 2013

How I Plan Out a New Character

What do I do when I plan a new character? Well I take a few things into consideration namely well I have them all outlined here in the Quick start guide. Exactly what notes do I make before I start out:

With the start of this blog I started a new character. So let me outline what I plan before I start a new character. First thing on my list is a name and this is usually the hardest thing for me to come up with so I usually leave it blank and move on. Next I keep in mind I need to remap my attributes once I get in game. To correlate with this I have laid out a pretty exhaustive skill plan in EveMon. The next things on my list is Implants with Bakar I had some extra isk on hand so I bought a full set (1 implant for each attribute a total of 5 implants) of +3s. At the time it cost about 50 million isk. The next thing I write down is sort of a reminder for me is Ship Insurance and Update Clone. When I make a new character I am always switching from ship to ship and need to make sure I have insurance on them if I am doing anything dangerous. Also make sure to update your clone so you don't lose skill points. You want those bad boys and it would be sad if you wondered off into some low security space and got podded. The next thing I think about is what my overall goal for this character is going to be. I do this because I get very distracted by all the little lights floating around New Eden so I need something to bring my focus back. The last thing I list is the amount of isk I need to transfer to the new character. This is of course if you have any isk at all to spare for a new character.

For example this is the considerations and planning I have had with my latest character:
Name: Bakar
Remap attributes: According to EveMon Plan
Implants: Buy a full set of +3's
Ship Insurance / Update Clone
Missioning and Exploration
Transfer: 30 million for skill books plus some pocket change for buying ships and things.

Its a quick check list I can go over each time I login to make sure I am still skill training and working towards my goals.


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