February 9, 2013

Battlecruiser and Destryor ship skillz

Ok I don't know how many of you frequent jestertrek.blogspot.com but he has been giving some very good advice that I thought I should duplicate here. If you are just starting there is one thing you should understand that Eve Online or CCP has a policy that when patching and changing around skill requirements the standing rule is if you could fly it before you can fly it after the patch. Now in this case were looking at Battlecruisers and Destroyers skills they will soon be split into the four racial battlecruiser and destroyer skills respectively. This goes out sometime during the summer so you should get on top of this. Anyway read Jester Trek's full post about this here. Also I have the Devblog post linked below.

The great ship skill changes of summer 2013 - Devblog 2.2013

Back to the balancing future - Devblog 11.2012

Update: These skills changes are due sometime this summer if not sooner.


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