February 16, 2013

Belated 2013 Goals

After much thought a contemplation, yes I know its the middle of February but I have finally thought up some decent goals for 2013. I had put off making any goals in large part due to the fact that I really didn't even know how I was going to acheive these goals. But after the better part of a month and a half  reading and reviewing I think I finally have my Eve Online Goals for 2013:

I want to have a freighter pilot skilled up.
I am going to pay for a freighter without using plexes.
I am going to be producing enough through manufacturing and trade to not only pay for my freighter but also to keep pace with my reinvestment goals.

Maybe these are not so much 2013 goals as thing I want to work towards. Because I think I can do faster than a year. Keep in mind I am not starting out with much in the way of capital no plex selling here. It might seem dumb to some but to be honest my character is to low skilled to even be flying or using expensive modes anyway.


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