May 3, 2013

Investment Guide: Intermediate Planetary Interaction

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The Planetary Interaction system in Eve Online is pretty interesting. I originally got interested in playing Eve Online when I stumbled upon a PI video on youtube. PI has gone through several changes over the years and this How To Guide will help you design your own efficient PI system using the most current system.

Before we get to building your PI system lets look at a few different designs and the goals of those designs:

  • PI P3 production or a factory design. This design requires building a system where multiple inputs from various planets comes together to make a P3 product that sells at or above the sum of its parts and customs offices fees. You use a variety of on planet factories and storage facilitates to run this kind of production design. I don't personally use this method. An excellent guide can be found over at Warp to Zero follow his guide Planetary Interaction Challenge to setup a production chain for P3 products.
  • Mass P2 one planet system(x5) A mass P2 design is my favorite it requires no transferring of products from one planet to another you simple hit the button go and come pick up the products.

Remote Sensing 3
Science 4
Planetology 3

Command Center Upgrades 3
Interplanetary Consolidation 4

Total time: 6 days, 16 hours, 54 minutes, 1 second; Cost: 2,250,000

Command Center Upgrades 4 adds around another 3 days 12 hours training time.

Pick a product:
Before we look for a planet pick a product you want to produce. To do this you need to first know what products there are the Planetary Commodities page over at Uniwiki has an excellent table that shows you what each planet can make and which products you can build on one planet. I usually pick a P2 product that can be produced on one planet such as Biocells. Now check this amazing google spreadsheet (Jita) Planetary Production for Eve Online by Wyke Mossari this is going to give you a snapshot of what Jita PI prices are and what might be worth making.

Cycle Times: I usually run a 3 day cycle time which means you need 432,000 raw materials from both extractors(on 3 day cycle time) to produce the required 40 P1 products an hour to produce your P2 product this is why I usually train up Command Center Upgrades IV to gain more extractors on low resource high sec planets.

Picking a planet:
Choose your planets carefully. Some planets have very large diameters which takes away your powergrid which draws back your ability to deploy more extractors. So look around at planet diameters until your confident the planet you want to build on will be functional. Check the planets in-game info sheet or you can search by system and view all the planet sizes in a simple hud display.
Choose planets close to where you usually play the game so its easy to jump on an industrial and run out and grab your finished products to take to market. With these skills this will give you five planets to build on.

Structures on planet:
I use a simple design where all the products are extracted from the current planet then refined on planet to produce P2 products.

Structures on planet in build order:
Command Center  81,000
Command Center Upgrade 1 580,000
Command Center Upgrade 2 930,000
Command Center Upgrade 3 1,200,000
Extractor (First raw material) 45,000
Extractor (Second raw material) 45,000
Launch Pad 900,000
Basic Industrial Facility (First T1 product) 75,000
Basic Industrial Facility (Second T1 product) 75,000
Advanced Industrial Facility (Final T2 product) 250,000
Total: 4,181,000 isk

Total Cost: 6,431,000 isk before taxes and industrial ship costs if any.
Skills: 2,250,000
Structures: 4,181,000
Total Cost: 6,431,000 isk
Plus Tax on all items transferred off planet. Don't forget to factor this in when choosing what items you want to produce. With the Rubicon expansion this will change as you can train a skill that will lower the NPC Custom Fee's to 5%(at level 5) plus player tax all Custom's Office in the game are now run by Player Owned Corporations.

Other Resources:
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30 Day Planetary Interaction Challenge - great guide on maximizing your output with higher PI skills you could reach 134 million isk a month with PI.
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