May 23, 2013

Operation: Obelisk

What do you do if you have 1.9 billion in isk laying around? You build a freighter of course. My goals for the year was to get flying in a freighter. Trading and hauling(ships especial) is hard in Eve Online without a freighter. I was board last Friday so I started running some numbers on the Obelisk.

May 17, 2013 Obelisk Pricing Points:
Market Price was 1.423 Billion
ME5 BPC Pack plus Minerals Est. 1.393 Billion
ME8 BPC and Part BPCs through contracts plus Minerals 1.373 Billion
Only catch I still need Capital Construction Skill 75,000,000 Million

So at the cheapest option plus skills 1.448 Billion. Why not, I have nothing else to do. I really wanted to get rolling with a freighter. Buying one just seemed like I was playing along with the market and I hate padding other peoples wallets.

I thought why not try and build it, I have my little Iteron 5 to haul all the minerals, I have the production skills and even though it will cost a little bit more dropping for the Capital Construction Skill its a one time sunk cost. Hey now I can build freighters all I want and if the skill change goes through during Odyssey I will be able to fly all 4 racial freighters within hours. Yeah I hope you skilled up for that one on your new indy character.

All said and done I shopped around for minerals instead of going for the market hub prices. It took a little bit longer to fly back and forth through low sec systems but I managed to drop the price another 23 million. As my first few BPCs were installed my current expense was sitting at 1.350 Billion. Now I would not only get my freighter but the Capital Construction Skill paid for itself. Not to bad if I do say so myself.

Cost Comparisons as of May 17, 2013:
My Costs: 1.425 Billion
Market Costs: 1.423 Billion

Much thanks to Eve-fail and the sweet guides and spreadsheets for capital ship construction over there.


  1. Anonymous11.6.13

    They're selling for 1.3 billion now...waahh waaaah, you need to bone up on statistical analysis.