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April 30, 2014

Fanfest 2014 Stream

Check out for all the details. Schedule with times is below stream.

Watch live video from twitchernest on

GMT/PST Thursday May 1st

  • 11:00/04:00 Welcome to Fanfest 2014 with EVE TV
  • 12:00/05:00 Game Design Panel
  • 13:00/06:00 Economy: Into the Second Decade
  • 14:00/07:00 Ship and Module Balancing
  • 15:00/08:00 Concept Art Live Session
  • 16:00/09:00 CSM Panel
  • 17:00/10:00 Fanfest Welcome & EVE Valkyrie Keynote
  • 18:00/11:00 Fanfest Welcome & EVE Valkyrie Keynote
  • 19:00/12:00 EVE & DUST 514: Community Panel
  • 20:00/13:00 Gridlock Talks Performance
  • 21:00/14:00 End of Fanfest Day 1

GMT/PST Friday May 2nd

  • 11:00/04:00 From Evidence to Bans
  • 12:00/05:00 New Player Experience Vision
  • 13:00/06:00 DUST 514 Keynote
  • 14:00/07:00 Probing the Future of the EVE engine
  • 15:00/08:00 DUST 514: Progression
  • 16:00/09:00 The Art of EVE Valkyrie
  • 17:00/10:00 EVE Keynote
  • 18:00/11:00 EVE Keynote
  • 19:00/12:00 Alliance Panel
  • 20:00/13:00 EVE of Destruction
  • 21:00/14:00 End of Fanfest Day 2

GMT/PST Saturday May 3rd

  • 11:00/04:00 Coaching Them Up in New Eden
  • 12:00/05:00 Making EVE Valkyrie a Full Game
  • 13:00/06:00 More Sand in the Box for DUST 514
  • 14:00/07:00 Industry Panel
  • 15:00/08:00 Make EVE Real - Going Interstellar
  • 16:00/09:00 Art Panel
  • 17:00/10:00 CCP PRESENTS!
  • 18:00/11:00 CCP PRESENTS!
  • 19:00/12:00 Deploying Pluggable Space Things
  • 20:00/13:00 EVE TV Reviews Fanfest 2014
  • 21:00/14:00 Party at the Top of the World
  • 00:00/17:00 End of Fanfest Day 3

April 28, 2014

Fanfest 2014 Pre-Stream

Check out the Fanfest 2014 Pre-Stream if you missed it.

April 24, 2014

Burn Jita Advisory

If you haven't heard I thought I would throw up a quick bulletin on Burn Jita. The announcement over at TMC goes as follows, Downtime Apr 25 to downtime Apr 28.

Dealing with Burn Jita, you should be able to have lots of fun this weekend. Whether you deal with it like I do and just don't log in or go scavenging wrecks its really up to you. Just don't fly your freighter around Jita and neighboring systems. Don't forget to get in an empty pod if you go looking for fun.

Basic Eve rules apply don't fly what you can't afford to lose. Hmm maybe I will fit up a few ships to go have some fun myself.

If you you are new to Eve Online in the past year let me explain a little bit. Burn Jita is an event held by the CFC(for the past 3 years now). They bring in a bunch of players and gank freighters and other juice targets. So if your doing business in and around Jita through those posted dates you have a much higher chance of being blown up.

Cool Eve Video will now follow.

April 15, 2014

Building Better Worlds by Destorying NPC Slots

If you haven't read through the industry changes, in this devblog, slated for the 2014 summer expansion release, you should go do so now. Where to begin? Here...

Allow Starbases to be anchored anywhere in high-security space and without standing requirements
At first glance I was like hey that's cool, kind of screwing over people that make corps with standings, but sounds good. Then I thought about it for a minute.
Remove the ability for players to use stations to safely store their blueprints without putting them at risk in Starbase structures. Players will still be able to start their jobs remotely (via the use of Supply Chain Management and Scientific Networking skills), but will now have to move their blueprints directly into the starbase structures that require it, like other materials.
What?! Wait... this will effect BPO and BPC producers if the slot changes compensate enough for research to be done in stations you won't need a POS(Thats a big if we'll wait for the numbers to make a call on that one.) Still though if running research in NPC stations is viable. Do you need a POS in high sec for research?
...most of the Starbases in high-security space use Mobile Laboratories to compensate for the lack of Material Efficiency Research slots in Empire space.
If all those research POS aren't needed what does this do to the ice market?(Not to worry though everyone can now throw POSes up.) Now we haven't seen the numbers yet so the only conclusion I can come up with is that using NPC stations for research and industry will mean fees are what comparable to running a POS?
Expect costs ranging from 0% to 14% of the base item being produced for the most extreme case.
The above quote references the new slot fee for NPC stations. Running ten jobs at 5% that would sure add up quick. I guess you might want a POS after all for manufacturing. So are we just trading POS researching for POS manufacturing?

Only the numbers will tell how the fees will scale.

April 12, 2014

CSM 8 In the Flesh 2013 Winter Summit Video

Its that time of year again. CSM voting is in full swing. Interestingly enough CCP put together a video from the CSM 8 Winter Summit. Check out it for whats it worth. Kind of interesting to see some of these Eve personalities in real life.

April 1, 2014

March Update and The Broken PC

Hey what's up everybody? I thought I would post a quick update here on the blog. Real life strikes again as this past month I started a new job. So what little time I have to give this blog and play Eve has shrunk to nothing. For now I am just taking things one at a time. I still have loads of ideas and guides I want to post here but for now they will have to wait a little while. I want to thank everybody who reads Eve Simplified and I hope those starting their Eve careers have benefited a little bit from the things you have read here. So with that in mind this is not the end of this blog just a time out as it were. When I find a spare moment now and again maybe I will post some stuff.

That being said I wanted to cover a couple things but haven't had the time to go over. First my power supply in my PC gave out a week or so ago. Meaning even if I had the time to play Eve that hasn't even been an option. Life happens I guess.

PLEX prices, where to start, people need to calm down. I would point you to my post about PLEX interventions and say don't worry about PLEX prices their regulated but that won't do this topic justice. This desrves a post all its own but I will give you this assurance Dr. Eyjo is monitoring the situation closely and with the new ship skins feature, the price jump may be as simple as a new feature cutting out its share of the market.

The reprocessing changes. Again this deserves its own post and I think we will see the launch iteration of this change be slightly different than what the dev post numbers are indicating but only time will tell. Either way this will have a big effect on the way we go about acquiring minerals and running large manufacturing operations. The minerals markets just got a whole lot more interesting.

Hope to see you all back in New Eden very soon...