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Blueprint Research Guide

Basic guide to start researching blueprint orginals.

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April 9, 2015

Blueprint Research Guide

The Goal:
In Eve Online researching blueprints allows you to run more efficient production jobs by having higher levels of Material Efficiency or ME and Time Efficiency or TE. Your manufacturing jobs will require less minerals and components giving you better margins. Alternatively you could sell the researched blueprints for profit or use them to create blueprint copies. Copies can also be used for Invention.

What is ME and TE?
ME or Material Efficiency reduces a blueprints required materials by 1% per level to a max of 10%.
TE or Time Efficiency reduces blueprint manufacturing time by 2% per level to a max of 20%.

The Skills:
Laboratory Operation - Ability to run 1 additional research job per skill level. 
Advanced Laboratory Operation - Ability to run 1 additional research job per skill level.
Research - 5% bonus to blueprint manufacturing time research per skill level.
Advanced Industry - 3% reduction in all manufacturing and research times per skill level.
Metallurgy - 5% Bonus to material efficiency research speed per skill level.
Scientific Networking - Skill at running research operations remotely.

The Equipment:
Blueprint Original or BPO
NPC Research Station or a Player Owned Station (POS) with lab modules.
Optional: Implants
Zainou 'Beancounter' Research
Zainou 'Beancounter' Metallurgy

How to buy a Blueprint Original (BPO)?
You can purchase BPOs form the market from NPC orders with fixed prices. One of the few items in the game you buy from NPCs. These BPOs will be unresearched and have a ME and TE of zero. You can also purchase BPOs from contracts. Other players sell BPOs through contracts and are sometimes already researched. Buying BPOs through contracts is a good way to get around researching your own BPOs and saving time.

Where to run research jobs? Finding a station.
You can find stations to do research in either by using the in game map and looking under the info window of the station or by using dotlan maps.

Consider the building index of the system or how many people are doing that activity in system. The job costs will scale up as more players run jobs in the system.  Areas like large trade hubs will have higher building indexes as compared to less populated areas further out from major hubs. Go to your star map, choose the industry folder and you can see the various levels of industry activities in various systems there.

Time Required:
Set up and starting a research job takes only a few minutes. The research job time itself will scale up depending on the level of research and the type of blueprint. Tech 1 module blueprints will research to max levels in only a few days. Where as a capital ship blueprints will take months or even years to research perfect ME and TE levels.

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