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September 29, 2014

New Development Video out for Oceanus Patch

Oceanus Patch releases tomorrow, Sept. 30, 2014, make sure and stay up to date by checking out the latest patch notes here. Also I will post the new In-Development: Features of EVE Online's Oceanus Release below.

And below a cloaking montage video for a better look at the new cloak visuals. Enjoy.

September 9, 2014

Your Console Destiny

Destiny launch day what are you up to today? Do you care? I don't. Why? I don't even own a console and am not looking for one in the future. Is there a PC upgrade in my future I sure hope so. Bungie is looking at bringing  Destiny to PC, and in that moment I might just set aside what I am doing and take a long serious look at this game for now I am just watching from afar as I have done with so many other console only based games. I guess the adage we win some PC only titles they win some console only titles works well. If you don't know what Destiny even is or haven't seen much about the game take a look at this beta review which I think does a good job of capturing whats up with this game and what you might expect from it. I'll post the video below as well.

How the Destiny Beta Made Me a Believer:

September 3, 2014

New Player Video Guides

After several weeks of work I have finally finished a passable new player video guide. These are a day zero guides the first video in the series is considering you have never even heard of Eve so they hold a tight niche. The first video also covers character creation. After that we make a quick stop at the interface just to get people oriented as they get started. The next four videos cover the first four Aura starting tutorials missions in complete. I am hoping of expanding them to the career agent tutorials sometime in the future. So without further adieu I give you my new player video guides:

Intro and Character Creation(15:09)      
The Interface(5:38)       

Combat Basics(12:01)
The Academy(7:46)
Moving Onwards(9:07)

Be sure to share these with your friends and new pilots as they get started in New Eden. Here is a link to the playlist which moves through each video in succesion.

Eve Online: New Player Walk Through

September 1, 2014

In Elite: Smuggling is Dangerous

I know TMC already posted about this but I thought it was worth passing on here. I, up to this point, haven't read or really looked into Elite: Dangerous at all. I watched a quick clip of the docking sequence and my smug Star Citizen attitude of yeah when this sees the light of day I'll check it out kicked in. I pushed it under my proverbial internet radar and didn't think twice about it.

That was then this is now, after watching through the video of this kid smuggling goods into a station in Elite Dangerous all my euphoric feelings of Freelancer goodness started to bubble up again and I did some lite reading on the subject(funny how gamers do a better job of marketing company's game better then they do). When Elite: Dangerous comes out I am definitely going to be taking a very serious look at this game. So the point of this whole post is check out the video and see what you think. Let me know if your looking into this game or if its just another side fancy that you're not going to spend your time or money with.

Viewing of the video may take place below this sentence.

Also if I have some how peaked your interest for this little gem take a look at some of the other trailers for this game on their website.

Catch you later.