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October 31, 2014

New Development Video out for Phoebe Patch

Check out the latest features in-development video out for the Phoebe patch.  Phoebe drops next week Nov. 4, 2014, you can find the patch notes here when CCP posts them.

October 28, 2014

Why now is a good time to get into Eve Online?

Well our friendly TMC commenter we couldn't agree more.

On the eve of the phoebe changes why is now a good time to get into Eve Online? It's not just the null sec shake up and it's not just the impressive list of other changes coming in this latest release on Nov. 4th. It is the entire cycle of patching that is bringing these rapid fire changes creating an inviting time to start playing Eve.

A ten year old MMO needs a lot of maintenance and the old six month expansion cycle just wasn't getting it done. Fine tuning comes every six weeks now creating content injections in the sandbox environment. In the sandbox tuning is vital to the continued health of the game. The quality of life improvements provides a healthy incentive to old and new players a like. Such as the addition of the unlimited skill que(this alone is a welcome addition).

So what ever your tastes whither your looking to get into some space piracy or become an industry tycoon it's a fair bet you can take, steal or build your own piece of the New Eden pie. After all, here at Eve Simplified we feel new players are the most important commodity in New Eden.

Looking into the future: Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers announced in the 2014 Eve Vegas Keynote.

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October 24, 2014

Operation: Market Consolidation

At the start of July I had active market orders from Tash-Murkon, Kor-Azor, and Domain regions up into the The Citadel and then back down into Essence, Sinq Laison, and Verge Vender. Feeling a little over whelmed and seeing that my operations where suffering from my market creep; I decided to consolidate my market orders.

Earlier this year I had expanded into the Amarr market and moved my main operations into the Domain region with big plans to set up a POS(Player Owned Starbase) industry operation in the area. Shortly after I made the move the industry change devblogs came out and I was soon changing my plans. I scaled back my ambitious POS plans and ultimately dropped my ideas all together as the industry change speculation was driving blueprint markets into the ground. After treading water and waiting for the industry changes I continued selling products in the above mentioned markets.

Fast forward to September as market volumes slowed and real life pressures set in I decided it was time to consolidate what I was doing. I stopped stocking orders in all regions and withdrew my operating assets from Amarr space. So as it sits now I have sold off most of my stocks and am sitting on a huge pile of isk. It is now ready to be reinvested in my next internet spaceship ventures whatever those might be.

October 19, 2014

Eve Vegas 2014: Keynote [Full Video]

"We take quality of life seriously." - CCP Seagull

Lots of yummy stuff in the Eve Vegas Keynote. Plenty of coverage of Phoebe patch release and beyond. Also a link to the above video on youtube.

TMC has a good summary write up of the keynote as well.

October 3, 2014

Out Sourcing Marketing: Clarion Call 4 is Must See

Once again the player base delivers with a video that sells the video game better than the company does. Check out Rooks and King's latest installment of Clarion Call 4, if you haven't already, it is worth every second.