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March 31, 2013

Eve Online Market Watch: 2013, Q1 Report

I have been keeping an eye on the PLEX market as of late, with the past months PLEX sale by CCP which last I saw was extended to the 18th of March. Prices continue to come down. The past three months graph shows the decline of PLEX back to previous levels from the same time last year.
PLEX sales over the past 3 months.
PLEX sales over the past year.
The other noticable mention from the quarter is the drop in price of tritanium which has seen slight drops over the past month or so. Several other minerals have been trading lower as well.

Overall the market as a whole, item prices have been dropping. I think  the rapid inflation costs we where seeing from last fall, as indicated by PLEX price increases and the jump in minerals prices are stabilizing. The market isn't returning to spring 2012 prices but things are stabilizing.

Although the increased account activity of more players day by day may have just increased demand enough to stabilize the rising prices of items in game. So it may be safe to say that if during summer, player account activity slows, prices will start to jump again as they trended last year. Although I don't think this will happen during this summer because excitement for DUST 514 will keep players logging in during the summer months and a favorable Summer expansion will surely drive more player activity.

At least for now, because of the above stated reasons, I think we are in a deflationary period for the time being.

My Quarter 1 Investment Report:
My investments have gone pretty well over the past three months. I have brought in about 50% return total over three months. I started out with about 300 million and was able to return about 33% each month for a total return of about 50%. Most of that was on T1 module manufacturing. I did build about 50 ships but I think in the end it came at a loss. I limited my play time to about 10 to 20 minutes a day average the only things I did was:

  • Update my skill queue,
  • Reset my PI production and,
  • Reset my manufacturing.
As of right now my only income sources are for the most part passive. Between PI and the T1 manufacturing. I have also thought about expanding into some station trading and general hub to hub trading but as of right now I haven't moved any assets in that direction.

I would like to expand my operations more but I am working a lot in the real world and have been very busy especially this past month. Time permitting, I hope I can continue to play this game I enjoy so much.

March 29, 2013

My First Duel using the New Dueling System

Yesterday I was flying out of the trade station in Dodixe when someone requested a duel. I was in my Atron that I use to fly around check out other markets and thought why not. So I accepted the Duel and we went at. I have never pvped in Eve Online  I've only been playing for 3 months or so.

The other guy was flying a destroyer I just hit approach and let my guns do the rest. He claims he didn't have any tank fit on his ship but he popped pretty quick. After that he claimed he had a ton of extra gear he was trying to get rid of. So I told him I was good for another round. After ten or twenty minutes he came flying out with a Corax fitted with rocket launchers. He ate through my shields in seconds and I popped pretty quick. It was fun and sparked my pvp interests.

March 26, 2013

The Battle of Caldari Prime CCP Video Trailer

I think they got it backwords on this one arne't video trailers suppose to come out before an event? Anyway this showed up the week after the Battle of Caldari Prime Live Event. Its not the greatest video but pretty sweet considering all of the events in this video actually did take place in game(Note: A scripted npc event). All be it a little less dramatic than it portrays here.

March 25, 2013

Coming to a Space Near You: Eve Online: Odyssey June 4, 2013

Ok people, get excited about this one. New Expansion coming June 4, 2013. to read more about it on Eve's page. Will do you one better more news is out on the expansion watch the release video here or down below. EN24 has a the full story here. Also Jester's Trek's blog has some similar coverage and links to pictures.

March 22, 2013

The Battle of Caldari Prime

I hope your excited about this one. The Battle for Caldari Prime kicks off at 13:00 EST Friday Mar. 22. The live feed will be up at This is the first major event in what is claimed to be the first of many large scale events, which I assume is leading up to Dust 514 launch.

The first thing to report is that the Luminaire system is going to be essentially a free kill zone once the event starts. Check out this news feed or forum post. Luminaire is a 1.0 security space but I think it is going to be more on the level of war status and you can shoot and be shot at. Below screen shot was taken this morning about an hour before the event kicked off. Local was already bubbling.

The had some leaked coverage of the event on the Dust 514 side of things. Several special maps had been prepared for the event and had been accessed on live servers several days before the event. Check out that article here.

To read more about the role playing and the story behind The Battle of Caldari Prime, check out the  ccp devblog post.

Happy Hunting during the Battle of Caldari Prime.

Update: I think if I understand this news report correct CONCORD will still be active in the system but people with low sec status will be able to enter the system. Also system population set to 1000, well a hour before the event it was at a 1000 I hope they increase it at least a little.

Update: Global suspect flags given to all pilots in Luminaire system news feed.

Update: This video trailer showed up the week after the Battle of CP.

The Gate to get in system 5 minutes before start of event.

Live feed screen shots of the event from

CSM PreElection

With all the candidates in its time to start the CSM PreElection it will run from today March 22nd to March the 29th. Each candidate will only be able to move to the final election if they gain 200 votes. The final election will start on April the 3rd and run until the 17th. To read candidates platforms head over to the Jita Park Speakers Corner.

Interviews and other Podcast can be found over at

Check out my post on What is the CSM? to learn more.

DevBlog Annoucing the Canadite Application Start

CSM Election schedule for 2013:

  • 12th – 20th of March: candidacy application period
  • 22nd – 29th of March: Pre-Election
  • 3rd – 17th of April: Announcement of final ballot and Election
  • 27th of April: Election result announcement

Update: The election has been postponed because the website hasen't been updated? or some such. I don't know whats going check out the forum post to read more about it.

Update: The PreElection voting page is live here

Update: The Elections will start on April 4th check out the field of 31 candidates here.

March 20, 2013

Starting Tutorial Missions Guide

Update: As of April 2015 these tutorials have been removed from the game and replaced with the new Opportunity System.

To start out I usually leave the captains quarters view as it takes a significant time to load every time you dock at a station the hanger view is much faster, especially on a slower computer. To leave simply click Enter Ship Hanger button on the station menu on the right of your screen. To return use the same button. Also click on any of the images in the guide for a larger view.

Video guides of the four missions presented in this guide:
Combat Basics(12:01)
The Academy(7:46)
Moving Onwards(9:07)

(1 of 4) Covering the Basics

Play in Windowed Mode
  •  Keep this page opened in an internet browser.
  • Log in to Eve Online, press ESC and go to Display and Graphics tab, use the drop down menu and find Window mode, then hit Apply below.
Or use the in-game web browser to follow along.

1. Accept the mission Covering the Basics from Aura but don't close the Mission Window.
2. To undock hit the button >>>, (Update the button is in your station services window now) to undock in to space.
3a. If your mission window is still up right click on the orange text where it says location and then click on warp to location.
3b. If you don't have your mission window up still right click any where in space, go down to Covering the Basics and Encounter(Deadspace), Warp To Location.
3c. You can also find the mission on the left hand of the screen under Agent Missions, click Cover the Basics then under Encounter(Deadspace) click the warp to location.
4. Minimize the Mission Window. It will still be located on your Neocom(menu bar to the left). You can find it towards the bottom of your options there or in your Journal > Agents tab > Missions tab.
Your Overview
5. Once you have warpped to your location your going to board your newbie ship, Find the ship in your Overview. Your Overview is on the right hand side of the screen.
6. Right Click on the green bar and hit Board Ship, you should automatically fly to it and enter your ship.

Gallente's Velator
Amarr's Impairor
Caldari Ibis
Minmatar's Reaper
7. Now go back to your Overview and right click, Acceleration Gate, and click Activate Gate.This will automatically send you into warp. This is whats know as a room(or a dungeon in other games), no other players can enter this mission area unless they find and activate the Acceleration Gate.

8. At the end of your warp you should be facing a small station. In front of that station is a cargo container with the loot Pilots License in it, we need the loot to complete the mission.
9. Again using your Overview find the Diamond shaped object, named (Your Races) Cargo Rig, you are going to right click, and click Open Cargo.
10. Your ship will automatically fly towards the Cargo Rig and when in range(2,500km) it will pop open the cargo container window.
11. Open your Inventory by either left clicking it on your Neocom(menu bar) or hit ALT-C. Drag the item into your cargo bay(Inventory window) and drop it there.
12. The mission window should automatically pop back up, don't close it, you need to return to the station where you got the mission.
13. The orange text next to the mission agents picture is the return station simple right click, and go  down to Dock.
14. Minimize the mission agent window again and wait while your ship warps back to the station.
15. Once you have returned and Docked in station. Open the mission window again.
16. At the bottom of the agent mission window click Complete Mission. Don't Close the window. 17. Where you just clicked Complete Mission there is going to be a button that says Request Mission. Clicking Request Mission will bring up the next mission, Combat Basics.

Wait before we get started on the next mission you need to start training some skills. You need to follow along with the in-game tutorial, Aura will give you skill books and other items you will need to complete the missions.

To start skills training you first need to "inject" the skill. For the first skill go to your Inventory on the Neocom > Item Hanger > right click on the skill and go down to "Train Now to Level 1." This will immediately start that particular skill training. To change around your skill training, click on your Character Portrait on the Neocom > SkillsOpen Training Queue. From this window you can drag and drop what ever skills you like into the training queue up to 24 hours of active training.

Once you have completed that tutorial Aura will prompt you to accept the next mission Combat Basics.

(2 of 4) Combat Basics
1. Same as the last mission, hit Accept but don't close the mission window.
2.You need to follow along with the in-game tutorial on this one, Aura will prompt you to open your Fitting Service window.
3. Follow the in-game tutorial window through the steps. Aura will give you a gun of some type. Find it in your Item hanger drag and drop it to the middle of your Fitting Service window and it will automatically fit to the first turret slot.(Note: Continue the in-game tutorial to get your ammo after you undock.)
Warning: Remember you need a gun to finish this mission!!
4. Hit the >>> undock button.
5. Once your in space right click the orange text next to location and click Wrap to Location.
6. Go ahead and minimize your mission window.
7. While warping, click through the in-game tutorial to get your ammo.
8. To load your ammo right click the gun on your console and click on the ammunition type and it will load into your weapon.
9. Now that you have reached your destination look at your Overview and find the Acceleration Gate, right click and go down to Activate Gate. Your warp drive you should automatically start up and fly you to the first "room" of the mission.
10. There should be a large object infront of you called Tutorial Fuel Depot. Click on your gun and click on the Tutorial Fuel Depot. Your gun should automatically lock the target and blow it up after a couple of shots.
11. You will take some damage. don't worry it won't destroy you.
12. Now look at your Overview again and find the Acceleration Gate, right click and go down to Activate Gate. Your warp drive you should automatically start up and fly you to the second "room" of the mission.

13. Once you arrive in the next "mission room." Look to your Overview. You should see a ship with a red cross next to its name. Right click and go down to Lock Target. Don't worry if he shoots you the ship only does like 1 damage.
14. After you have locked the target just click your gun to return fire. (Note: Your weapons are automatic turrets meaning you don't have to aim or move your ship to hit the target.)
15. After you blow up the first ship a second ship will come. Same thing right click and go down to Lock Target. Don't worry if he shoots you the ship only does 1 damage.
16. After you have locked the target just click your gun again to return fire.
17. The mission window should pop up once you have destroyed the second ship just
18. Right click the orange text next to Aura's head and click Dock.
19. Once your back in station, Complete the Combat Basics mission.
20. Aura's in-game tutorial will prompt you to upgrade some of your ship items and look at the skill queue.
21. Now click Request Mission to move on to The Academy.

(3 of 4) The Academy
1. Same as the last mission, hit Accept but don't close the mission window. Under the mission objectives, right click the system locations orange text and click Set Destination.
2. Hit the >>> undock button.
2. Once in space you can either right click again on the location system in the mission window and click Jump through Stargate or find the name of the system in your Overview panel, right click and click Jump. (Note: If you clicked Set Destination in the previous step, the stargate icon in your Overview will appear yellow.)

3. Minimize the Mission Window to watch the jump.
4. Open the mission window again, Agent Conversation - Aura.
5. Right click the orange location text and click Warp to Location.
6. Minimize the Mission Window again.
7. At the mission location, there will be some type of academy office it should be a green highlited bar in your overview. Right click and click Open Cargo.
8. You should fly towards the station and open the cargo automatically. When it opens, open your own Inventory and drag and drop the Pilot Certification Documents into your cargo.
9. The Agent Mission Window should have opened up automatically. Right Click the orange text next to Aura's head and click Jump through Stargate.
10. Once through the gate right click again and hit Dock.
11. Once your back in station, Complete Mission to finish The Academy. (Note: Continue through Aura's in-game tutorials if your following along there.)
12 Now click Request Mission to move on to Moving Onwards.

(4 of 4) Moving Onwards
1. Click Accept Moving Onwards but don't close the mission window.
2. Under the mission objectives, right click the system locations orange text and click Set Destination.
3. Before we can leave we need to get the Clearance Documents moved into our ships cargo hold. Open the Inventory.
4. Drag and drop the Clearance Documents from your Item Hanger to your ship's cargo hold.
(Warning: this is the end of the tutorials in this system bring anything you have with you on this mission we won't be coming back. Though you can at a later date if you choose.)
5. Hit the >>> undock button.
6. You can minimize the Mission Window.
7. You can either Jump manually through several systems, by going to your Overview and right clicking on the yellow system(if you have already Set Destination from step 2) and going to Jump or by clicking Autopilot its the big A button next to your ships console.
8. Continue jumping through the systems until you reach your destination station.
9. Open the Agent Conversation -Aura from your Neocom and click Complete Mission.
10. Once in station Aura's in-game tutorial will have a few more things to go over with you including telling you about your next missions, the career agent tutorials.

Video guides of the above four missions:
Covering the Basics(11:50)
Combat Basics(12:01)
The Academy(7:46)
Moving Onwards(9:07)


Thanks for following along, remember Eve Online has a pretty step learning curve these first few missions can be very frustrating and time consuming just be patient and stick with it.

Check back for future walk through of the career agent tutorials and tell your friends about

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March 17, 2013

The Art of War in Eve Online

Ok, first before you watch this you should know that the Mittani is the leader of a massive alliance in Eve Online called the Goonswarm Federation. Keep in mind these "tactics" have been used by him and also against him. Keep a keen perspective and take this one for whats its worth. Its an interesting look into the bigger picture that is Alliance Warfare. (Note: I can't confirm this was even made by the Mittani.)

March 13, 2013

Investment Guide: Basic Trade

The Goal: 
Take a limited amount of isk and through market trading increase that isk over time. With a very small amount of skill training you can be working the market quiet effectively. At first you may only be trading a few million isk, with patience your isk pile is going to grow. If your trading in bulky things like minerals your going to need an industrial, other wise I stick to a simple frigate, they travel much faster. For example, implants are extremely small. Though be careful and don't fly afk or carry really expensive items other wise someone could suicide gank you up for those expensive implants.

The Skills:

Trade - Knowledge of the market and skill at manipulating it. Active buy/sell order limit increased by 4 per level of skill.

Broker Relations - Proficiency at driving down market-related costs. Each level of skill grants a 5% reduction in the costs associated with setting up a market order, which usually come to 1% of the order's total value. This can be further influenced by the player's standing towards the owner of the station where the order is entered.

The Equipment:

The Tools:
A calculator - whether you use a handheld or the one on the computer. Helps to calculate margins.
A pen and paper - write down your notes you could do this on text doc or computer file too.
A spreadsheet whether excel or google docs either works. If you want to really start getting advanced and tracking your trades you could start working with a spreadsheet.

The Idea:
As a new player your going to want to do some old fashioned spaceship flying in between trade hubs. Find some items that are selling low in one region and fly them to a different region where they are trading at a higher price. Enter the calculator. Make sure the total increase of the sell is higher than your trade taxes which start out at 1.5% with no skills into Accounting and also a broker tax of 1% with no skills into Broker Relations

Total Costs:
1,320,000 isk plus, however little or much you want to invest in trading.

Time Required:
You could spend 15 minutes a day quickly log-on check your station trades and log off. You could spend 15 hours a day running items from Jita to other markets all over the game. Its your choice its a sandbox remember.

Other Resources: Market Discussion Forums
Eve Trade Hubs  based on market volume in the system.

What is the Council of Stellar Management?

Over the next couple of weeks, I will take a look into the process that is the CSM(Council of Stellar Management) election. On today's agenda we ask a few questions what is the CSM? Who can run for the CSM? and Who can vote for CSM candidates? Also When can you vote for CSM in 2013? Check out the latest Devblog  CSM8 Election Schedule and Election Process or the official list of rules here. Also the official wiki has a somewhat mind numbing article on the process which can be found at What is the CSM? - EVElopedia. Head over to the forum Jita Park Speakers Corner to see who is running for CSM8.
What is the CSM?

The Council of Stellar Management(CSM) is a player-elected council to represent the views of the players to CCP. Current CSM members can be identified by the golden title CSM under their image in forum posts, and a list is available in the Category CSM Candidates.
Players can raise issues to the CSM for consideration, and obtain support for the CSM to raise issues to CCP by posting in the Assembly Hall Channel on the Eve-Online official forums.
Who is eligable to run for CSM?
Anyone who has held an EVE Online account for more than sixty (60) days is eligible to campaign for a representative seat on the CSM, with the following exceptions: employees, volunteers, interns, etc...
Also, players with a serious warning or ban on any account in their possession can be excluded from candidate eligibility.
All candidates must verify their identity to CCP before they can officially be acknowledged as  a  candidate. All candidates must be 21 years old or older in order to qualify as a candidate and hold a valid passport...
Who can vote for CSM?
Any active EVE online account that is at least a full thirty (30) days in age is eligible to vote. Only one vote per account - not per character - is permitted.
When can you vote for CSM in 2013?

CSM Election schedule for 2013:
  • 12th – 20th of March: candidacy application period
  • 22nd – 29th of March: Pre-Election
  • 3rd – 17th of April: Announcement of final ballot and Election
  • 27th of April: Election result announcement

March 12, 2013

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Release

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm comes out today! I loved Starcraft I am really excited about this expansion. Do I have it yet? No not yet but I really, really want it! Watch the trailer. I am way to excited about this game.

See you around.

March 10, 2013

Bumping AFK Miniers

First a quick background of the last year. When solo mining, before August last year, you had to mining using jet cans if you were solo. You would fill up your inventory with minerals and then transfer them to your jet can then pick them up with your industrial ship and ship them to where ever. After August last year all the mining ships cargo holds were increased so mining ships have a larger ore hold where all the ore goes now so you don't usually have to dump everything into space containers to mine for extended periods of time. This practice was known as can flipping, it was a way to make piss miners off or harass them or just to steal their stuff.

Now a days mining ships have such a large ore hold you can literately sit afk on the belt and mine asteroids. So a bunch of people thought it would be funny to start pushing people away from the belts if their afk. In fact a guy by the name of James 315 has a massive organized group of players that run around harassing miners some afk some not. Anyway check out all of there mobo jumbo at I would deal with miner bumpers and the like the same way I would can flippers, ignore them move on and go have fun somewhere else.

The vid above is just some shots of people messing around bumping afk miners. Keep in mind this video was released long before or the "New Order" so its nothing new.

March 4, 2013

Video of the Week: 10 Things to know before you start playing

This is a really basic movie about some of the game play features in Eve Online. It starts a little slow and the time weighs in about 14 minutes long. A lot of the things your are going to find on are summarized in this guide. If your new to the game or thinking about getting into the game check out this video.

March 1, 2013

Tip of the Week: Changing Your Ship's Name

I have a pretty simple one for you this week. Changing your ship name is as easy as: Opening your Inventory > click on your Ship Hanger > right click the ship you want to change and go down to Change Name... type in the name you want and you have a new ship name.