March 22, 2013

The Battle of Caldari Prime

I hope your excited about this one. The Battle for Caldari Prime kicks off at 13:00 EST Friday Mar. 22. The live feed will be up at This is the first major event in what is claimed to be the first of many large scale events, which I assume is leading up to Dust 514 launch.

The first thing to report is that the Luminaire system is going to be essentially a free kill zone once the event starts. Check out this news feed or forum post. Luminaire is a 1.0 security space but I think it is going to be more on the level of war status and you can shoot and be shot at. Below screen shot was taken this morning about an hour before the event kicked off. Local was already bubbling.

The had some leaked coverage of the event on the Dust 514 side of things. Several special maps had been prepared for the event and had been accessed on live servers several days before the event. Check out that article here.

To read more about the role playing and the story behind The Battle of Caldari Prime, check out the  ccp devblog post.

Happy Hunting during the Battle of Caldari Prime.

Update: I think if I understand this news report correct CONCORD will still be active in the system but people with low sec status will be able to enter the system. Also system population set to 1000, well a hour before the event it was at a 1000 I hope they increase it at least a little.

Update: Global suspect flags given to all pilots in Luminaire system news feed.

Update: This video trailer showed up the week after the Battle of CP.

The Gate to get in system 5 minutes before start of event.

Live feed screen shots of the event from


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