March 22, 2013

CSM PreElection

With all the candidates in its time to start the CSM PreElection it will run from today March 22nd to March the 29th. Each candidate will only be able to move to the final election if they gain 200 votes. The final election will start on April the 3rd and run until the 17th. To read candidates platforms head over to the Jita Park Speakers Corner.

Interviews and other Podcast can be found over at

Check out my post on What is the CSM? to learn more.

DevBlog Annoucing the Canadite Application Start

CSM Election schedule for 2013:

  • 12th – 20th of March: candidacy application period
  • 22nd – 29th of March: Pre-Election
  • 3rd – 17th of April: Announcement of final ballot and Election
  • 27th of April: Election result announcement

Update: The election has been postponed because the website hasen't been updated? or some such. I don't know whats going check out the forum post to read more about it.

Update: The PreElection voting page is live here

Update: The Elections will start on April 4th check out the field of 31 candidates here.


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