March 29, 2013

My First Duel using the New Dueling System

Yesterday I was flying out of the trade station in Dodixe when someone requested a duel. I was in my Atron that I use to fly around check out other markets and thought why not. So I accepted the Duel and we went at. I have never pvped in Eve Online  I've only been playing for 3 months or so.

The other guy was flying a destroyer I just hit approach and let my guns do the rest. He claims he didn't have any tank fit on his ship but he popped pretty quick. After that he claimed he had a ton of extra gear he was trying to get rid of. So I told him I was good for another round. After ten or twenty minutes he came flying out with a Corax fitted with rocket launchers. He ate through my shields in seconds and I popped pretty quick. It was fun and sparked my pvp interests.


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