March 31, 2013

Eve Online Market Watch: 2013, Q1 Report

I have been keeping an eye on the PLEX market as of late, with the past months PLEX sale by CCP which last I saw was extended to the 18th of March. Prices continue to come down. The past three months graph shows the decline of PLEX back to previous levels from the same time last year.
PLEX sales over the past 3 months.
PLEX sales over the past year.
The other noticable mention from the quarter is the drop in price of tritanium which has seen slight drops over the past month or so. Several other minerals have been trading lower as well.

Overall the market as a whole, item prices have been dropping. I think  the rapid inflation costs we where seeing from last fall, as indicated by PLEX price increases and the jump in minerals prices are stabilizing. The market isn't returning to spring 2012 prices but things are stabilizing.

Although the increased account activity of more players day by day may have just increased demand enough to stabilize the rising prices of items in game. So it may be safe to say that if during summer, player account activity slows, prices will start to jump again as they trended last year. Although I don't think this will happen during this summer because excitement for DUST 514 will keep players logging in during the summer months and a favorable Summer expansion will surely drive more player activity.

At least for now, because of the above stated reasons, I think we are in a deflationary period for the time being.

My Quarter 1 Investment Report:
My investments have gone pretty well over the past three months. I have brought in about 50% return total over three months. I started out with about 300 million and was able to return about 33% each month for a total return of about 50%. Most of that was on T1 module manufacturing. I did build about 50 ships but I think in the end it came at a loss. I limited my play time to about 10 to 20 minutes a day average the only things I did was:

  • Update my skill queue,
  • Reset my PI production and,
  • Reset my manufacturing.
As of right now my only income sources are for the most part passive. Between PI and the T1 manufacturing. I have also thought about expanding into some station trading and general hub to hub trading but as of right now I haven't moved any assets in that direction.

I would like to expand my operations more but I am working a lot in the real world and have been very busy especially this past month. Time permitting, I hope I can continue to play this game I enjoy so much.


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