March 10, 2013

Bumping AFK Miniers

First a quick background of the last year. When solo mining, before August last year, you had to mining using jet cans if you were solo. You would fill up your inventory with minerals and then transfer them to your jet can then pick them up with your industrial ship and ship them to where ever. After August last year all the mining ships cargo holds were increased so mining ships have a larger ore hold where all the ore goes now so you don't usually have to dump everything into space containers to mine for extended periods of time. This practice was known as can flipping, it was a way to make piss miners off or harass them or just to steal their stuff.

Now a days mining ships have such a large ore hold you can literately sit afk on the belt and mine asteroids. So a bunch of people thought it would be funny to start pushing people away from the belts if their afk. In fact a guy by the name of James 315 has a massive organized group of players that run around harassing miners some afk some not. Anyway check out all of there mobo jumbo at I would deal with miner bumpers and the like the same way I would can flippers, ignore them move on and go have fun somewhere else.

The vid above is just some shots of people messing around bumping afk miners. Keep in mind this video was released long before or the "New Order" so its nothing new.


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