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July 29, 2014

Crius by the Numbers(Quick Video)

If anyone is interested in seeing some of the new industry numbers scaling in action check out this video by Reload. He presents some interesting case scenarios when comparing jita build costs to other systems also a comparison of when teams are good and when teams may not be needed. Check it out here, or below.

July 25, 2014

Early Planning Stages of My Youtube Channel

After blogging now for more than a year and a half I have taken an interest in setting up a youtube channel. After going back and forth on several different ideas I have finally settled on a name and a platform. I will announce the name in a second but first I wanted to explain the process I have gone through to set up a new youtube channel. Originally I was going to do a very specific Eve Simplified themed youtube channel. The channel would be absolutely Eve themed with tutorials and other walk-throughs. After thinking about it for a time I realized there was a lot of other games I played and didn't necessarily want the channel just to focus on an Eve theme. So I am announcing today the early planning stages of my new youtube channel Tactic Talisman.

Currently on the channel I have only a few Minecraft Let's Play videos present. I have been playing around with recording, editing, and posting videos to better my skills. So when the time comes I will be able to create well crafted Eve tutorials having first done a lot of practice. Stay tuned here at Eve Simplified and you might find some interesting Eve video tutorials coming your way. For the time being check out Tactic Talisman if your interested in Minecraft Let's Play videos.

My Let's Play series is based on playing a hardcore survival map with the ultimate goal of killing the Ender Dragon. The map seed is a giant desert and finding food the first couple of days was not easy. I will post the first episode in the series below.

July 18, 2014

How to Prepare for the New Industry Patch Launch

You might be asking yourself how do I prepare for all these wide sweeping industry changes? How do I best position my assets for such a large change? Now I can't speak for you so let me tell you what I have done. I had prepared everything I had located a new system I was going to operate out of. I had moved all of my BPOs and other gear out that direction as well. I had purchased a few other investments and had everything in place.

Then the industry changes were pushed back to July 22. I don't think I have quite mentally recovered from that initial push back. Why might you ask? Because of how I am currently preparing for patch day. The answer is I'm not. I put up all my manufactured goods on to the market, any other trades goods I was holding on to I set up market orders for as well, and then let my subscription fall off.

Why deal with patch day this way? The first reason that probable has more to do with it than my new feature woes is the slow markets during the summer. A lot of people take breaks from Eve and are on vacation during the summer so the game just tends to be unexciting during that lull. The second reason is after preparing for that patch and having it pushed back I realized real quick that nothing was concrete until the thing was live. So among other reason I decided to just sit back and watch the patch math from a distance. In a few weeks after the dust has settled I will get back in and try it out. I have a few other fun ventures I am pursuing in my spare time and Eve hasn't been fitting into those yet but hopefully some time soon.

July 15, 2014

New Development Video out for Crius Patch

CCP released a development video for the Crius patch. Its worth a watch nothing new was shown and no funny role playing like in some of the past videos.

July 11, 2014


I am super causal when it comes to playing Eve. I play once every day or two with a healthy dose on the weekends if I can. I also take month long breaks every three or four months letting my subscription drop just because I can, I have this weird thing about controlling my life and not letting games control it but that's not what I want to talk about here. And its not like I don't have enough isk for PLEX or money for a subscription I just let it drop off. Taking a break you could call it.

What happens to your account after the subscription is up? You might think that is a silly question, I don't think its a silly question at all, in fact I think its an important question to understand.

Skill training stops, ok fair enough.
Any industry job whether manufacturing slot or research slot continues until finished ok...
All market orders stay active until their posted time ends which you can set to three months.

Why can you have active industry slots and active market orders(I get that you can't update them but three months is a long time) when you are not even paying to play the game? You would think a for profit company like CCP wouldn't allow you to do this sort of thing. Especially puzzling with the heavy market oriented aspect of Eve game play. Well don't have a few unsubscribed manufacturing alt accounts? If you can't beat them join them.

I mean seriously if you look at it from a market stand point of isk optimization I could subscribe every other month giving me 6 less PLEX a year I need to use on an alt account while at the same time using those 60 slots(3 characters times 10 manufacturing and 10 research) que out for a month. This only gets better as the slot que times will soon be removed.

July 3, 2014

Operation: PI Halt

A month or so back I decided to stop all of my PI(Planetary Interaction) production I was doing. It had just become a chore. I had a simple 5 planet system set up on two characters so 10 planets total with all the extractors set to 3 day cycle times. I don't have that much time to play so when it came to it spending 20 to 30 minutes resetting planets was just getting tedious.

Further more I was forgoing a lot of manufacturing production which has been far more lucrative than the 150 million I was getting out of PI production every month(in high sec). In short I had out grown my small PI production. While in the beginning days of my subscription it served as a great supplemental income source for things like blueprints and expensive skill books without cutting into my other market ventures. The current set up I had for PI needed to either be moved out to a wormhole operation or retooled to a more factory style system in hopes for better margins. Already operating on a time constraint I just decided to scrap it all together and opted to focus my time on manufacturing which I now had the proper capital to fund in large quinatites.

So the bottom line is if you don't enjoy doing something in a game that you are playing during your free time you should probable stop what your doing and find something better to do.