July 1, 2013

Quick Start

Starting out for the first time Eve Online is overwhelming. This guide gives you a heads up on character creation consequences, character attributes, implants, skill training and clones. What are you waiting for lets get a quick start. First lets watch a quick video it gives a brief overview of what you will be doing in game.

Character Creation
What are the consequences of Character Creation?
Race affects...
Your starting area in-game. The general region in space you start at, for example, if you choose Amarr You will start in Amarr space etc. Two token skills, racial frigates, and a small weapon skill. You can train to fly any ship in the game of any race regardless of starting race. Each race has one of three ethnic bloodlines you may choose from.

Bloodline affects...
What you generally look like before you start editing your physical character.

Ancestry affects...
What your little bio says in-game.

Education affects...
What starting system you will be directed towards in the in-game tutorial. You can do the tutorial at any starting system of any race in the game or not at all if you choose. Below is a list of starting areas for each of the four races. (Note: You are only asked to report to these training tutorials you don't have to. Although I highly advise you should go through them all.)

Amarr Empire
  • Conoban System - Hedion University
  • Deepari System - Imperial Academy
  • Pasha Sytem - Royal Amarr Institute
Caldari State
  •  Akiainavas System - School of Applied Knowledge
  • Jouvulen System - Science and Trade Institute
  • Uitra System - State War Academy
Gallente Federation
  • Clellinon System - Center For Advanced Studies
  • Couster System - Federal navy Academy
  • Trossere System - University of Caille
Minmatar Republic
  • Embod System - Pator Tech School
  • Hadaugago System - Republic Military School
  • Malukker System - Republic University
Pick a good name that you want to be known by.

(Note: After completing the character creation process you can only change the appearance of your hair, scars and tattoos. You can change the character profile picture at any station for no cost.)

(Note: You can train to fly any ship in the game of any race regardless of starting race. Also Race doesn't affect Character Attributes which are explained below.)

Character Attributes
Character Attributes are actually Skill Attributes. They don't directly affect how your ship flies. These attributes affect the time it takes to train your skills. How attributes affect skill training? Each skill has two attributes that affect its skill training time. For example Mining's two attributes are Primary: Intelligence and Secondary: Memory by having a character with more points allocated to theses two attributes the Mining skill will train faster.

Attribute names are:
  • Intelligence
  •  Perception
  • Charisma
  • Willpower
  • Memory.
Each attribute has a base number of 17. When you first start you can remap them twice after that you can only change them once a year. You have 14 re-mappable points. You can only add up to 10 additional points to any one attribute.

The best way to map out your training and best possible attribute configuration is to use the program EveMon. EveMon is a free API that you can use to plan your skills out and attributes. Some corporations even use it to verify how many skills you have trained.

Implants can be used to increase your attributes even further thus increasing your effect skill training time.
Implants come in +1 to +7 per attribute. As a new player it shouldn't be hard to get your hands on some +2s. You will need Cybernetics skill trained before you can implant them.

Skill Training(These will affect how your ship flies)
Skills train 24 hours a day in real world time. Starting out your going to want to specialize in certain skills. Download EveMon, as I mentioned above, it will help you plan out your skills and the best attribute combinations to train them. Also it will tell you what skills you need to use various items and ships.

To get more skills you buy the skill books, which are NPC seeded at the starting stations. Some skills cost a lot more than a week old pilot can afford. With time you can buy what you want and need.

What is a clone? A clone is you. All your skill training is kept in your clone. You need to upgrade your clone level as you gain skill points. Because if your pod is destroyed without an upgraded clone you lose those trained skills. The space station your clone is saved at is where your going to start if your pod is destroyed. Keep that in mind when venturing far off into space. Your clone also has all of your implants in it. So if your pod is destroyed  whatever implants you had plunged into it are destroyed as well.

Jump Clones
What is a Jump Clone?  It is a copy of your characters clone. Jump Clones give you the ability to both have multiple sets of implants and also a way to jump to a new location of a saved jump clone. They can only be used once every 24 hours. You have to have at least an 8.0 standing with the station owning corporation in order to instal a jump clone. You also need Infomorph Psychology skill to use. (Note: It will take several months before your playing around with these bad boys but don't worry once your standings are high enough you will be in good shape to use jump clones.)

These are very watered down definitions but should give you a clearer understanding of some of the most important aspects of the game. You have a lot of studying to do beyond this so get out there keep flying and keep reading.


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