July 18, 2013

Investment Guide: Basic Manufacturing

Update June 2015: You can find an updated Tech 1 Manufacturing Guide hereParts of this guide have become outdated and my not reflect actual gameplay.

The Goal:
As a new player you only have one available manufacturing slot. This guide much like the Planetary Interaction Guide will give you a strategy for beginning production in a modest manufacturing career.

The Skills:
Industry 3 (Speeds up your manufacturing.)
Production Efficiency 3 (Lowers your needed minerals by a total of 15%)
Mass Production I (Adds one additional manufacturing slot.)

Total time: 18 hours, 3 minutes, 20 seconds
Cost: 420,000 isk

The Equipment:
Industrial ship to haul your minerals or goods.
Blueprint of the Item you want to build.
Minerals (See cost layout below to find out how much you need.)
Station with open manufacturing slots. Note: Even if slots aren't open you may choose to "Get in Line" if for some reason you can't move your minerals to a new station.

The Cost:
I use my own spreadsheet to calculate the costs but you can find a lot of online calculators I will post  a short list below.

I use simple excel functions to create these spread sheets. After I enter in the mineral amount from the BP in cell B4 for Isogen, I type =(B4*D1) in D4 cell. This function allows me to change my batch number and buy exact amounts of minerals. You can use =sum() to add up the amounts to get a quick grasp of how much things are going to cost. Like I mentioned before you can use some of the various online tools. When I started out I wanted a little bit more control than some of these web applications give you.

Time Required:
Five minutes to buy the materials five minutes to ship the minerals to your station. 10 seconds to start the manufacturing and five minutes to finish and haul back to market. So in total 15 minutes every time your manufacturing job finishes. Again watch the videos below to better understand how to really invest in manufacturing.

Note: As you build more items per batch you will have to wait for those items to manufacturer. For example I currently run 10 slots, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I renew my BPO cycles one day a week and I am building enough units per batch for a 7 day cycle time. This practice is similar to Planetary Interaction cycle times.

Other Resources:
Eve Online Market & Industry Tutorial - Part 1/5 - $$, Minerals, What to Make?, Skills

Eve Online Industry Tutorial - What is Profitable to Make (starting out)?


  1. Anonymous26.7.13

    Awesome guide, as usual. By the way, what would you recommend to a freshmen (3 dazs in, <100'000 SP) to settle a sweet, "passive" income ? Go the PI route, or take upon manufacturing instead ?

    Keep up the good work dude !


  2. PI is going to give you a stable source of income with not much room for growth once you have your skills trained up you will peak pretty quick. Manufacturing is going to give you a lot of room for growth with a few more skills to train.