June 19, 2015

Even after three years Eve markets are still a harsh mistress

Eve is still a harsh environment at least when it comes to the market. The tl;dr I was setting up a sell order when I dropped 100 million worth of goods for 8 million. On account of a zero. Even after playing for three years you can always make mistakes. Don’t reset or set up market orders right after you get up in the morning and aren’t quite awake yet. The takeaway always remain diligent in all your financial transactions.

The unforgiving system of Eve Online is what I am still playing for. Hardcore mode is turned on for everyone all the time. June marks three years since I first started playing Eve Online all be it off and on at times. I remember thinking back then how much more people must know than me. Sitting here now after three years there is still so many things I haven’t explored.

The big difference I have found as the years go by is my attitude toward the isk value of different ships and things. When I first started playing I would have gone crazy if I had missed typed a market order and sold a 100 million in goods for a tenth of the price. Today I just shrugged it off and went back to my spreadsheets to calculating next week's gains. Spending billions a week on manufacturing materials pales in comparison to my first month in game saving every last isk for that Retriever(which I destroyed in less than a week in low sec that is another story). Now I buy and sell ships worth hundreds of millions just to play with for the afternoon and soon forget their loss or sell them.

Here's to an afternoons past time for a hour every day.


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