February 4, 2014

Operation: Mission Grinding

Before I could start doing level 1 missions I had to think ahead, as is the case for most things in Eve. A little planning can go along way to avoiding a headache. I first thought about the two reasons I wanted to do missions in the first place. The first and biggest reason was I wanted to work towards setting up a POS(Player Owned Station) in order to do that I needed NPC faction standing(reputation) in the system I would be setting it up in.

Standing Required for POS
System Sec    Standing
0.4                  4
0.5                  5
0.6                  6
0.7                  7

The second reason to do missions was to try out level 4 missions as an income source and for the fun of it. Level 4 missions require at least a base level of trained skills in order to survive. Also you need a certain level of standing with an NPC corporation in order to do the level 4 missions.

Agent Level Standing
Mission    Standing
1                -10
2                1
3                3
4                5
5                7

Now that I know what level of standings I needed for my two previously mentioned goals it was time to choose a location. I needed to work on the NPC empire faction where my operating base is so I could set up a POS close to where I play. As far as choosing a NPC corporation to grind standing I wanted to choose one that had a good mission hub nearby(a mission hub would be a station or system with multiple level 4 mission agents in it).

After some careful consideration I choose an area to do missions in and started working on level 1s. Now I should note that there is a lot more to consider when grinding missions for standings I will post a few resources below for further reading. Also I hope to post a few of the ship fits as investment guides that I have been using to grind in.

The Plan(Standings Grinding)
Standings Mechanics


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