February 28, 2014

Planning My Play Time with no Time to Play

The first six months I played Eve I struggled sometimes to know what to do bigger and better things always seemed out of reach of my limited skill base at the time. A year later that isn't the case I seem to have so much to do in-game that I just never seem to have enough time to get it all done. I know we all have limits on our time to play the game and that is one motivating factor I have had for staring this blog of watered down guides that are quick to read and quick to the point.

So on that note I am, and to some extent always have been, planning my play time around more passive less time intensive activities in Eve. For example planetary interaction, manufacturing, and trading. All of which can be time intensive in their own right but also scale with the amount of time invested rather nicely.

As my isk starts to pile up I find a need for larger investments of non time consuming activities my thoughts point me to blueprint research and also setting up a POS. Maybe not the most passive game play but it will get the job done. I have been busy grinding standings in anticipation of setting up said POS. The other reason for going this route is I like to try things first hand in game before I write guides on them and I have always wanted to write a series on POSes.


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