February 21, 2014

Basic 14 Day Starting Skill Plan

Geared towards those trial accounts that want to be serious but just haven't taken the risk yet you need a simple training plan to get you started. Because in Eve Online your consequences matter and when it comes to skill planning it matters more than most. Ok, so first the skills and then the why:

Navigation 4 - 5% bonus to sub-warp ship velocity per skill level.
CPU Management 4 - 5% bonus to ship CPU output per skill level.(Used for fitting ships.)
Power Grid Management 4 - 5% bonus to ship's powergrid output per skill level. (Used for fitting ships.)
Capacitor Management 4 - 5% bonus to capacitor capacity per skill level. (Used to activate your ships modules.)
Mechanics 4 - 5% bonus to structure hit points per skill level.
Shield Management 4 - 5% bonus to shield capacity per skill level.
Hull Upgrades 4 - 5% bonus to armor hit points per skill level.
Spaceship command 4 - 2% improved ship agility for all ships per skill level.

Total time: 12 days, 20 hours, 16 minutes, 40 seconds; (Time based on no remap) Cost: 400,000 isk.

Now in some older guides your going to see some different names for these skills as of 2014 these skill names are current. Great for a a new player during your first 14 days or perfect for a trial account. These skills are great for getting started you will eventually train them all to level five they are the base foundation for any path in Eve. Why? These are skills that affect every ship from how fast it flies to your ability to put modules on the ship, shields, armor etc.

To fill out the last couple days of your training look towards some more roll oriented skills or career specific skills:

Gunnery 4 - 2% bonus to weapon turrets' rate of fire per skill level. (If you are planning on shooting something your Gunnery skills are a good place to start.)
Mining 4 - 5% bonus to mining turret yield per skill level.
Trade - 3 Active buy/sell order limit increased by 4 per level of skill. (Someday, sometime your going to need to sell something.)

Hope that gets you started. Eve Online has years and years worth of skill training to train so get started and don't forget to feed your skill que. This list is based on skills that will help you in the long run, before you have a chance to see what kind of game play you like or enjoy. Good luck out there you have a lot of decisions ahead of you in your future skill training.

Other helpful Resources:
EveMon - Is a third party program that helps you create skills plans and test different attribute remaps. One of the single best resources out there for a new player or trying to make skills plans.


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