January 28, 2014

Battle of B-R5RB News Links and Videos

I get a lot of traffic after these big battles so I just wanted to post some links if people are looking for news or videos of the battle in B-R5RB.

The reports are just starting to come in I will post a few of the major articles below. Youtube videos are starting to pour in and I am sure more and more will be posted as the week continues.

DevBlog: The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, Gaming’s Most Destructive Battle Ever

TMC - Largest Virtual Battle Ever
TMC - Breaking Massive Supercap Fight in B-R5
TMC - B-R5RB The Biggest Battle in All of Eve

EN24 - Kirith Kodachi It was Only a Matter of Time
EN24 - Monday Bloody Monday

We will end with a quick quote from the Bloody Monday article on EN24

"At the end of the day the cost for this battle across all fronts was in the trillions (close to 7 or higher) which translates to over 11,666 PLEX—roughly $233,000 USD, which is ~349,980 days of game time."


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