January 26, 2014

Operation: Ice Mining

I want to update you a little bit as to what I am doing in game right now. My last gameplay update was when I mentioned I was moving from my home system. I have been there for about 2 months now and I am settling in nicely. I have been investing in implants for the long term and spent most of December just updating skills and letting my investments on the market slowly sell out.

I started doing a little ice mining for kicks. I thought mining was the most boring activity in Eve but it turns out ice mining has it beat. You basically fly out to the ice anomalies when they spawn and lock up some ice and start the modules. You wait thirty minutes and go dump your load. The belts only last about forty five minutes or so in high traffic areas.

It suits my play style because I am usually just checking market orders and updating my PI operations so ice mining isn't to bad of a sit in space activity.


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