June 4, 2013

Odyssey: In Review

At first look tons of sweet changes, lots of new things to play with and try out. First things first, there are a ton of bugs specifically skills that are not showing up right. I think if you just be patient and send a ticket in so they know you have a problem everyone's skills will get sorted out if not today in a couple of days. We all know we trained like crazy to take advantage of the changes whats a couple more days wait.

The most important thing to know: To disable the camera auto tracking thing press "C" It will stop the constant swinging motion I about feel off my chair after I logged in.

Right now I am really into the fact that all the blueprints have color. I do a lot of building and it is much more interesting looking at my huge stack of blueprints with color than the old hazy blue style. Thumbs up on that unexpected but classy change.

All changes aside the one thing you can not ignore is the jump gate affect. I would say it is the most visible and strong reminder that this is an ever changing universe. With that said a lot of the other features I really don't interact with. I haven't done exploration since I started playing. I have never gone ice mining and don't own a POS. Some of the ship changes are interesting. As I stated in my Eve Odyssey Prepare and Speculate post the only thing that really affected my game play was the ship skill changes and the clone cost reduction.

Maybe its time I go try out the hacking mini game? Or just stick to playing the market "mini" game all the stops and starts on there are reacted to and changed by real people not the computer and I make a lot of isk doing it.

Note: I should note this is the first major "patch" I have played through.

For known issues check out the EVE Online: Odyssey Issues.

Oh and if you didn't see they released the Odyssey Trailer:

Also the In development: Dev Video for Odyssey:


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