June 7, 2013


My second ship down. I have been subscribed in game for about 8 months now. I lost my second ship yesterday. I was out making my rounds picking up my PI goods from customs offices in this little pepsi can of ship, the Badger . Most of my PI operations are out in low sec. I was warping to the customs office in orbit around the planet when someone knocked on my back door.  I took off to go see who it was and came back a couple minutes later.

Some guy in a frigate was just closing in and locking me up as I sat down. I attempted to warp to a gate but he flipped on a scram. I didn't feel like waiting around for his little lasers to pop my big floating brick of a cargo ship so I ejected and headed for the gate in capsule.

Not a big deal really, kind of fun actually. Its been forever out in low sec that anyone has taken their time to track me down and shoot at me. Both the ships I have lost to other players have been in that same system. The first time I lost a ship I had just trained up my retriever skills last year. I wanted to see what low sec ores I could bring in. I was fighting rats on the belt and mining when I went pop.


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