June 13, 2013

6 Months of Eve Simplified

I am really excited as I have been posting here at Eve Simplified for over six months now. I started out this blog with the hope of organizing my own Eve Online play time. To find a way to research and play with in-game ideas and then post them here for everyone else to read. I hope that some of you may have benefited from the guides and other posts I have put together.

I am planning on keeping up Eve Simplified well into the future. I have slowed down with the posting in the past several months but I am currently aiming for one post a week and going from there. Below is a list of some of the ideas I would like write and post about sometime in the near future.

Dropbox Links
I have been gathering a large amount of spreadsheets and creating a few of my own. I should be able to start hosting those to you through Dropbox Links.

More New Player Guides
The Starting Tutorial Mission Guide was just a beta run on what I hope to put together with all the career agent tutorial missions. Along with other explanations on the different UI and Menu systems in Eve that can be quite hard to navigate if your unfamiliar with them.

Continued Market and Manufacturing Updates
In-game I have a manufacturing and trading character. So continued market and manufacturing updates with Eve as whole and with projects and jobs that I am working on.


  1. Anonymous25.7.13

    Keep up the good work. Your blog has already proven to be a hell lot helpful (at least to me, for trading and PI) and I really enjoy your style (synthetic, precise and to-the-point).

    Cheers from Switzerland.