December 30, 2013

2014 Goals and Things to Look Forward To

Its that time of year again when we think about what we want to accomplish over the next year. I was reading over my 2013 Goals and thought to myself I just put them together so I would have at least something of a direction to work towards. I not only accomplished all of those things but in short order, something like 4 months. So yeah things I want to try or train in 2014:

Finish training up for level 4 missions in a drone boat.
Train up to fly an Orca.
Train to fly the T2 freighters.
Be able to build T2 freighters.
Maybe set up a cyno alt for using a T2 Freighters out in low sec.
Eventually building capital ships out in low sec, maybe I don't know about this one will see where my attention span leads me and my wallet.
I want to try setting up a POS research farm and building the fuel as well.

We'll see what 2014 holds for Eve and for me and for the blog. Starting up a youtube channel has been in the back of my mind for the last six months too, time permitting of course.


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