November 19, 2013

Building Stargates and New Regions

If you follow the news around Eve or check up on the few sites that cover Eve news this doesn't mean much to you but I wanted to throw it out there for all those that may not have caught it.

If you have been watching the streams and reading about potential expansion features you will find the idea of building stargates is hinted and teased at a lot this past year. It is now all but inevitable that within the next few expansions we will be seeing the construction of the first player owned stargates. Over at Jester Trek, he drops a few hints into the this potential expansion feature of player owned stargates. Over at TMC they ran a news article today about the confirmed release of new regions in future expansions.

Exciting times with the release of the new Rubicon expansion today and already hints of things to come in the over the next year just might prove enough to keep me logging on for a few more months. Which is a good thing. These past couple months have seen lower player numbers and scandals running a muck which has made me think twice about my future in Eve. But at the end of the day I am still having fun flying around New Eden. If they deliver on even half of these new toys I think this is one sand box I am willing to keep building in.


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