November 13, 2013

What You Do In The Moment

I have been wandering around New Eden trying out some new things. Last week I grabbed my old explorer and flew around trying to find an exploration site to check out. After a dozen or so systems and not finding anything but wormholes I came to the conclusion there was a reason I always trade. Flying around in empty space finding nothing but wormholes, system after system just gets boring after about a hour. Bad luck on my part I guess.

So yesterday I fitted out a procurer and went to try my hand at ice mining. After checking on several ice systems and finding that all the anomalies had been mined out, I docked up my little ice miner. Boredom setting in again I wondered back to my manufacturing goods and did some shipping.

A few hours later I jumped in my mining barge and hit up a few belts. Within five minutes I remembered why I can't stand mining. The slow pace and general lack of things to shoot at drags on and on. I could see jumping into a second account being fun but that just raises more questions as to what my goal for playing the game really is.

I realized having fun in New Eden isn't in finding a specialization so to speak its in the moment. Do whatever you do as long as you enjoy it.


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