February 8, 2015

Eve Online Flight Academy tackles Planetary Interaction [Video]

CCP has set up a new youtube channel: Eve Online Flight Academy to post informational videos about Eve Online. The first game mechanic they have chosen to tackle is Planetary Interaction(PI). They have released four short videos covering the basics of planetary interaction. The videos serve to provide a basic tutorial for starting a small PI operation.

Eve Online: FA - Planetary Interaction(1 of 4)
Eve Online: FA - Planetary Interaction(2 of 4)
Eve Online: FA - Planetary Interaction(3 of 4)
Eve Online: FA - Planetary Interaction(4 of 4)

If you would like a more in depth information be sure to check out my posts on basic and intermediate PI production as well as my own PI video tutorial that goes a little more in depth into fine tuning PI production. Even these tutorials are basic referencing guides when considering the complexities of PI as a whole.


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