September 1, 2014

In Elite: Smuggling is Dangerous

I know TMC already posted about this but I thought it was worth passing on here. I, up to this point, haven't read or really looked into Elite: Dangerous at all. I watched a quick clip of the docking sequence and my smug Star Citizen attitude of yeah when this sees the light of day I'll check it out kicked in. I pushed it under my proverbial internet radar and didn't think twice about it.

That was then this is now, after watching through the video of this kid smuggling goods into a station in Elite Dangerous all my euphoric feelings of Freelancer goodness started to bubble up again and I did some lite reading on the subject(funny how gamers do a better job of marketing company's game better then they do). When Elite: Dangerous comes out I am definitely going to be taking a very serious look at this game. So the point of this whole post is check out the video and see what you think. Let me know if your looking into this game or if its just another side fancy that you're not going to spend your time or money with.

Viewing of the video may take place below this sentence.

Also if I have some how peaked your interest for this little gem take a look at some of the other trailers for this game on their website.

Catch you later.


  1. I'm glad that article lit your fires as much as it did mine! I knew I was interested in Elite, but before I saw that video and wrote that article I didn't want it NOW!