September 3, 2014

New Player Video Guides

After several weeks of work I have finally finished a passable new player video guide. These are a day zero guides the first video in the series is considering you have never even heard of Eve so they hold a tight niche. The first video also covers character creation. After that we make a quick stop at the interface just to get people oriented as they get started. The next four videos cover the first four Aura starting tutorials missions in complete. I am hoping of expanding them to the career agent tutorials sometime in the future. So without further adieu I give you my new player video guides:

Intro and Character Creation(15:09)      
The Interface(5:38)       

Combat Basics(12:01)
The Academy(7:46)
Moving Onwards(9:07)

Be sure to share these with your friends and new pilots as they get started in New Eden. Here is a link to the playlist which moves through each video in succesion.

Eve Online: New Player Walk Through


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