August 31, 2014

Shout Out to

I have never really spent very much time marketing this blog. I have let it grow organically over time letting the Google search bots find what people like and getting a lot of my traffic through search engines. Word of mouth being the next big role in gaining viewership. The blog has slowly grown since its humble beginnings and though I still keep it pretty low key I decided to start being a little more proactive in getting the word out.

With that being said I would like to thank Fuzzysteve for running and up keeping I finally submitted my blog feed over there and thought I would give a shout out to anyone that might be interested in reading other Eve blogs to head over there and take a look around. I have always kept a link to in my links section at the top of the page under news. Also I would like to welcome any new readers happening upon the site from evebloggers, welcome and know I am currently in an Eve slump so don't be surprised as I splash this feed with various other games that are peaking my interest at the moment. Also don't be surprised at the amount of video content I post and pass off as blog posts my little youtube channel project is quite all consuming at the moment and I am having a lot of fun with it.

Until next, we'll catch you later.


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