May 2, 2014

What do I think of the Industry Changes?

Some of my dramatic notes about the changes will now follow:

We are on the eve of the greatest changes to industry ever. No pun intended.

CCP could have been quoted as saying: "All your spreadsheet are belong to us."

CCP has hit the rest button on all of our spreadsheets. This might as well be day one save for the amount of investment ready isk players have.

Its been a couple days since I wrote down my knee jerk reactions to the different industry changes. I am having a hard time swallowing the complete overhaul. I think if they would have spread out these devblogs over the past four months instead of the last two weeks the reaction of the industrial player base may have been sated some what. Instead we got a complete overhaul of the 3 levels of the industry system plus some extra all in a two week span.

Level 1 Refining: Reprocess all the things

Level 2 Blueprints: Researching, the Future

Level 3 Manufacturing: The Price of Change and Building Better Worlds and Industry UI

Extra Random Sauce: Team Up(Not actually teams just npc, isk sink, bonus things.)

I get it though, I get that refining needs some tweaks. I understand that blueprints needed some work. I realize the slot system and pricing fix were inevitable to better scale with the growth of the game. The teams thing just goes a little far into the realm of needless complication. Either way it just got a whole lot harder for a newbro looking to start into the manufacturing game. It will be tough to compete against well established manufacturing operations.

I do like the new UI though, the layout and design looks really nice.


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