May 9, 2014

Economic Insight into 11th Year Celebration

A couple of quick thoughts on Eve's 11 Celebration achievement counters which if reached unlocks more gecko drones.The thing I find most telling about the numbers chosen for the counters is that they give us a snap shot of the economic impact of a given play style over a week's duration. So with that in mind lets look at the significance or impact these play styles have from week to week.

Volume of Ore Mined 25.7 billion m3, ore is refined before its hauled to far which would break this number down pretty fast. On top of that any manufacturing or compression that takes place will quickly negate the large m3 cargo space of all this ore.

NPC Bounties Claimed 7.44 trillion, this is a huge isk facet and to think sinks will be about equal to this amount. The engine that is the Eve economy is massive.

Science and Industry Jobs 802 thousand, considering the amount of slot ques in stations this is a fairly quantifiable number.

ISK Destroyed 5.34 trillion not a totally unknown or unexpected number considering the wide spread reporting of killboards. Its pretty amazing that this happens week in week out. A really cool look inside the Eve economy.

The second thing that hit me was the type of categories they choose. Which break down to 4 activities mining, missions or ratting, industry and pvp. Wouldn't it be interesting to have other achievements to work towards for, I don't know, exploration sites run or courier contract cargo amounts something like that.

Happy Mining, Hunting, Researching, and Pvping for Eve's Birthday!


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