May 23, 2014

Operation: POS Full Stop

About two weeks before the industry devblogs dropped I was poised to set up my own small pos operation. I had purchased or built all my equipment that I would need fuel, starbase modules, etc. I had moved all my equipment to the system I was planning on setting up in. The only thing I had left to do was buy a corp with standings before I set it all up in space.

I had been busy all month and had this one Saturday to set everything up. So I hesitated thinking I wouldn't find time for everything, I finally decided to wait until I had more time to set up my operations. Two weeks later the industry devblogs started coming out and I put all my plans on hold. Until I can get a handle on all the changes I thought it was best to wait out exactly what would change, you know how much the markets can drop when these things are announced. So I watched and waited to better position my new investments.

I am still planning on going ahead with a pos operation but it's function has changed from that of a research set up, I was originally going to run, to an all around set up with both research and manufacturing elements. Also my planned system location has changed and probably will change again as we see more specifics with the team elements being introduced.

Just when I had adjusted my plans and was again preparing for the launch of Kronos on June 3 when, as you all know, the industry changes were pushed back to the July 22 release date. Now I am eager and waiting for the industry changes, as I am sure most of you are as well, so hang in there hopefully soon we can get on the test server and start playing with some of these new changes.


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