November 3, 2014

Quick Thoughts on Phoebe Patch

Proving to be one of the biggest changes in recent years Phoebe brings substantial changes to jump mechanics. Adding a jump fatigue mechanic that creates a compounding cooldown on your character after each jump. The patch is also packed with lots of other changes. I will link the patch notes here as well as the devblogs explaining the long list of features and changes.

I'm not going to comment and speculate on the jump changes I don't use or fly these ships at the moment. I will point you to the jump changes devblogs and specific forums if you want to read more into the jump changes for now I want to comment on a few of the other changes coming in Phoebe on Nov. 4.

Unlimited Skill Que
At close second for biggest change in phoebe release is the unlimited skill que. Currently you manually enter skills into your skill que once a skill train time goes beyond the current 24 hour que you have to wait until that skill finishes training to add a another or manually change the skills in the que. After release on Nov. 4 you will be able to que up any number of skills for constant training out as long as you want 30 days 60 days a year as long as you have an active account your character will train skills. I have an interesting theory post about a future of Eve Free 2 Play model that ties in with these changes coming soon and ties into the next topic on my list.

Trial Account Changes
While the unlimited skill que doesn't apply to the trial accounts which still have the 24 hour que a host of changes is coming to trial account restrictions. Most notably the removal of the isk transferring restriction. Eve devs will be diligently watching to see if isk transfer abuse occurs. Good change so you can help new bros get skills they may not have isk for etc. Which leads into the next change a complete revamp of skill restrictions on trial accounts. Much to my satisfaction industrial ship skills will now be allowed. As a new trial account I found it frustrating that I couldn't fly a hauler it ultimately lead me to buy the game because I wanted try out trading and hauling. All the trial account revamps are a welcome and long overdue shift.

Multi Sell and Other Small Things
Again welcome additions to the game and mind boggling why they wasn't put in sometime in the first ten years.

For all the changes check the latest patch notes as well as the devblogs and forums.


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