November 7, 2014

10 Reasons Why You Might Play Too Much Eve Online

You might play too much Eve Online if...

1. You use your calculator app on your phone to run isk per/hour calculations whenever someone asks you to go do something.
2.Your family and friends knows exactly what your talking about anytime you mention Jita (Or PLEX for that matter).

3. You have an excel spreadsheet with at least 10 different tabs all dealing directly with Eve Online.

4. You sit and read about the game for two hours, update your skill que in-game for fifteen minutes and then shut-down your computer and that's the end of your playtime (Now you don't even need to log in, sweet now I can play on my phone).

5. You have a Google Plus account that sports your in-game avatars face.

6. You take time off work the week of Fanfest to watch the event stream (Hey who doesn't?).

7. You check TMC and Eve News24 more than real news sites (You know like the weather and stuff).

8. You gain some sick pleasure because you are space rich.

9. You want an EVE bumper sticker, t-shirt or hat with the Eve logo but can never seem to find one (Is it to much to ask for a hat? maybe I just fail at online shopping).

And last but certainly not least...
10. You might play too much Eve Online if you have an entire blog dedicated to the subject (Just sayin).

Thank you very very much ladies and gentlemen. Hope you had some fun.

Now carry on with your serious spaceship business...


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