July 3, 2014

Operation: PI Halt

A month or so back I decided to stop all of my PI(Planetary Interaction) production I was doing. It had just become a chore. I had a simple 5 planet system set up on two characters so 10 planets total with all the extractors set to 3 day cycle times. I don't have that much time to play so when it came to it spending 20 to 30 minutes resetting planets was just getting tedious.

Further more I was forgoing a lot of manufacturing production which has been far more lucrative than the 150 million I was getting out of PI production every month(in high sec). In short I had out grown my small PI production. While in the beginning days of my subscription it served as a great supplemental income source for things like blueprints and expensive skill books without cutting into my other market ventures. The current set up I had for PI needed to either be moved out to a wormhole operation or retooled to a more factory style system in hopes for better margins. Already operating on a time constraint I just decided to scrap it all together and opted to focus my time on manufacturing which I now had the proper capital to fund in large quinatites.

So the bottom line is if you don't enjoy doing something in a game that you are playing during your free time you should probable stop what your doing and find something better to do.


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