July 25, 2014

Early Planning Stages of My Youtube Channel

After blogging now for more than a year and a half I have taken an interest in setting up a youtube channel. After going back and forth on several different ideas I have finally settled on a name and a platform. I will announce the name in a second but first I wanted to explain the process I have gone through to set up a new youtube channel. Originally I was going to do a very specific Eve Simplified themed youtube channel. The channel would be absolutely Eve themed with tutorials and other walk-throughs. After thinking about it for a time I realized there was a lot of other games I played and didn't necessarily want the channel just to focus on an Eve theme. So I am announcing today the early planning stages of my new youtube channel Tactic Talisman.

Currently on the channel I have only a few Minecraft Let's Play videos present. I have been playing around with recording, editing, and posting videos to better my skills. So when the time comes I will be able to create well crafted Eve tutorials having first done a lot of practice. Stay tuned here at Eve Simplified and you might find some interesting Eve video tutorials coming your way. For the time being check out Tactic Talisman if your interested in Minecraft Let's Play videos.

My Let's Play series is based on playing a hardcore survival map with the ultimate goal of killing the Ender Dragon. The map seed is a giant desert and finding food the first couple of days was not easy. I will post the first episode in the series below.


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