April 1, 2014

March Update and The Broken PC

Hey what's up everybody? I thought I would post a quick update here on the blog. Real life strikes again as this past month I started a new job. So what little time I have to give this blog and play Eve has shrunk to nothing. For now I am just taking things one at a time. I still have loads of ideas and guides I want to post here but for now they will have to wait a little while. I want to thank everybody who reads Eve Simplified and I hope those starting their Eve careers have benefited a little bit from the things you have read here. So with that in mind this is not the end of this blog just a time out as it were. When I find a spare moment now and again maybe I will post some stuff.

That being said I wanted to cover a couple things but haven't had the time to go over. First my power supply in my PC gave out a week or so ago. Meaning even if I had the time to play Eve that hasn't even been an option. Life happens I guess.

PLEX prices, where to start, people need to calm down. I would point you to my post about PLEX interventions and say don't worry about PLEX prices their regulated but that won't do this topic justice. This desrves a post all its own but I will give you this assurance Dr. Eyjo is monitoring the situation closely and with the new ship skins feature, the price jump may be as simple as a new feature cutting out its share of the market.

The reprocessing changes. Again this deserves its own post and I think we will see the launch iteration of this change be slightly different than what the dev post numbers are indicating but only time will tell. Either way this will have a big effect on the way we go about acquiring minerals and running large manufacturing operations. The minerals markets just got a whole lot more interesting.

Hope to see you all back in New Eden very soon...


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