April 24, 2014

Burn Jita Advisory

If you haven't heard I thought I would throw up a quick bulletin on Burn Jita. The announcement over at TMC goes as follows, Downtime Apr 25 to downtime Apr 28.

Dealing with Burn Jita, you should be able to have lots of fun this weekend. Whether you deal with it like I do and just don't log in or go scavenging wrecks its really up to you. Just don't fly your freighter around Jita and neighboring systems. Don't forget to get in an empty pod if you go looking for fun.

Basic Eve rules apply don't fly what you can't afford to lose. Hmm maybe I will fit up a few ships to go have some fun myself.

If you you are new to Eve Online in the past year let me explain a little bit. Burn Jita is an event held by the CFC(for the past 3 years now). They bring in a bunch of players and gank freighters and other juice targets. So if your doing business in and around Jita through those posted dates you have a much higher chance of being blown up.

Cool Eve Video will now follow.


  1. I deal with burn jita by flying billions worth of cargo into Jita and making a killing on it.