October 1, 2013

Eve Rubicon: Investing and Speculating

Let's check out what interesting investments opportunities can be made for Eve Rubicon (Yes all I can think of is that darn Jeep model)

POCO changes are going to be a big drive for conflict and will make pi production costs possibly shift down, I think as people shop for better tax rated POCOs, corps that raise their taxes will soon find their planets empty there is just to many choices. They will be hard to defend large amounts of planets expect smaller alliances to dominate pockets of regions. A smaller type of sov warfare for high sec and a way to generate some income a great change to the game. Expect fluctuations in PI products to level out several months after release.

A quick side note. Everyone is bemoaning the fact that the goons are just going to ROFL stomp all of the high sec POCOs and own all of them. My question to you is why would they want to?  Goons are a large null sec alliance they will be busy protecting their moon shiz out in null. If POCOs were the end all take all they would own all the low sec ones which they don't. Now will there be PI Interdictions you bet, probable be an annual event, but I doubt a full 2000 system POCO Goon Empire will emerge from this.

Now as far as investing in the Customs Office Gantry and building them, besides a slight up tick in prices at release I think they will stay stable. Remember in low and zero you can already blow these things up but no large market really exists for CO.
DevBlog: EVE Rubicon: Player Owned Customs Offices in Hi-Sec Make sure and read the fine print they are shifting PI tax rates and changing all sorts of stuff here.

Personal Deployable Structure
PDSs not a lot of information exists to give us a clear direction. Expect this to be a great build and a way to make lots of isk if you have the means to invest in such a large project. I am definitely going to keep my eye on it but I am into building stuff. Expect to need a freighter to move any large amount of these around. Effects on the market: moon prices will vary slightly around the fact that now pirates will be dumping plunder on to the market if the mechanic works right for the siphon unit.

Warp Speed
Hopefully with the work around the mechanic pushes freighters to be a little bit faster for those of us that do our own hauling. Exciting news and an all around great fix.

New SOE Ships
New ships are always nice though they will no doubt be bought using lp. Meaning mass production is out of the question. If you have a few billion isk this might be a fun place for speculating once patch goes live. It will probable be worth it for a couple months until the ships are common place.

Other Ship Changes
As far as investments goes interceptors were sold out within minutes of the announcement so unless you where on top of this one you could catch the tail end of the speculation here.

UI Changes
Other changes deal more with  UI aspects nothing here to really invest in. Although some of the skills are getting switched around a bit if you deal in the skill book market.
DevBlog: License to kill: Certificates Overhaul

My Investments
As for my own investments I think I am going to stick with what I have been doing. Working the implant market and building industrial ships. The Expansion really only means one thing increased player activity and that is all I want/need to move my market orders. Glad for the early release date Nov. 19, 2013.

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  1. Fozzie or Rise, in the stream of the announcement, said that freighters would accelerate slower, but get higher top speed, which would amount to faster warping.

  2. Yeah, it will be great if freighters end up gaining at least a little boost in speed.