October 28, 2013

Amazon's PLEX Dump

I have been reading about amazons little PLEX mishap they had. According to CCP only a thousand or so PLEXs were sold during the deal. The article on TMC says the market price did drop 10 to 20 million but has since leveled.

I would like to look at two things considering PLEX prices. First, I suspect this injection of PLEXs on the market will have similar affects as the CCP PLEX Intervention that happened last year. In that it will cause PLEX prices to level off in the short term. Now I wouldn't consider it out of the question for CCP to start buying up small quantities of PLEX or to with hold any future buy back interventions they could have been planning. Just remember PLEX is a moderated item and CCP can and will intervene.

The second thing is to watch the affect this will have on PLEX prices on the eve of the Rubicon expansion. Did you see what I did there? Anyway break it down to simple supply and demand. This episode, incident whatever you want to call it, will it curb the potential price peak of PLEX for this expansion?

Time will tell.


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