January 9, 2013

My Experience on 14 Day Trial Account

Day 1
I was ready to start my Eve Online 14 day trial account. I had browsed the Eve website, watch a couple of expansion trailers it was another MMO I knew that. I thought I could jump on play for a couple of hours and be working towards something big or so I thought. After a hour of playing around with the character creation screen and fumbling with several character names I was finally in game. The tutorials were mind numbing the in game flight controls impossible. I finally managed to get a ship and fly to the newbie system were the tutorial mission agents are. I played for a few more hours and barely managed to get through two or three missions. Frustrated I logged off.

Day 2
I start up my eve client and delete my old guy. I am pissed because it has some ridicules 9 hour timer on it. Whatever I think to myself and start a new character. I breeze through the character creation screen and get in game. I chug through the tutorial missions and keep training mining. (I always wanted a space miner.) Things are looking up, I research a few things about mining and keep going with it.

Day 3
I feel confident. I haven't been blown up by anyone. I can fly to places like asteroid belts and mine the,. I watch the other ships flying around and no one seems to hostile. I start flying out of the newbie system realizing that selling ore in the newbie system is a total rip off so I fly to the adjoining system with my little frigate cargo hold and try and make some ISK.

Day 4-5
I have what feels like tons of ships.(All from the tutorial agent missions.) A hand full of frigates and nice little industrial, eying the industrial cargo capacity, I say sign me up. I can haul all sorts of goodies in that tub and make a tidy profit. I cruise back to the newbie home base buy the industrial skill I need and smog: Industrial Skill can't train on a trial account. Again frustrated, instead of logging off I turn my attention towards my next big money making goal. Planetary Interaction. I buy the first skill Remote Sensing seems to train alright and I am off to the asteroid belt again trying to bring in some more ISK.

Day 6
After more research I find out that the only way to get PI stuff planet side is through an industrial ship which I can't fly once more all the other PI skills are not allowed on trial accounts.

Day 7
Back to the drawing board. I have only a few days left on my trial account. Unhappy with my ugly character I start a new one. Back in game, I am getting good at flying now. I blaze past the tutorials and stack up the usually assortment of frigates and unflyable industrial ships. My new goal mine the crap out of things until my trial dies. I have a long list of skills that I know about and I am training away until I sign on for a full subscription. A subscription is inevitable at this point.

Day 8
A few missions later and lots more mining in Tech 1 frigate. ISK is piling up you know couple million or so.

Day 9
More mining...

Day 10
I think again about going all out with a subscription...

Day 11
Still furiously attacking asteroids.

Day 12 - 13
I subscribe. First skill in que oh sweet, sweet industrial ships. I start looking around for a good operating base. Something low trafficked and out of the way but still within two jumps of a major trade hub. Close to several other regions. My search continues for several days but I narrow it down to several systems.

Day 14
My trial account days are over. I could care less I spent most them flying around tutorial missions confused as to what was going on. My new goals get a strong PI system up and running. Flying a big mining barge is all I care about right now. I must say at these early stages all I could think about was getting my hands on a PLEX and living for another month without being used by another MMO company for my 15 dollars a month. Was I wrong or what, the worst goal I could have set for myself was burning through the game to get a PLEX.

More on my first month in-game coming soon.


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