December 31, 2012

Welcome to Eve Simplified

I started Eve Simplified to share my adventures in Eve Online. Also I hope to share some useful information to those who might be new to Eve Online or a potential player. Some people say the learning curve is step. While I'll agree Eve is immense it isn't that hard to get into and learn how to play. Sure its not your typical hack and slash button mashing MMO. Your flying ships here not shooting guns or using swords. Eve has a very unique flavor to it's controls. The limitless opportunities abounding from the sandbox style game play let you choose how you want to play.

I am excited to be blogging about video games. I have run several other personal blogs and it always seems hard to come up with things to say because I don't usually post about games there. I hope this forum will provide me with the ability to provide useful information to those who want it or come seeking it.

I said before Eve isn't hard its immense. It's all in the mind set. The game is possible other wise people wouldn't play it. I plan to write player guides in addition to my usual ramblings about Eve Online. Catering to new players or potential players specifically. A lot of the guides online are old or outdated or incredibly long and difficult to understand. My guides will be short and to the point providing basic definitions of the mechanics not the mechanics themselves. Books have been written on the mechanics and the math behind Eve Online I will not be trying to reproduce that here but will point you in the direction to find said information if you want it.

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